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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Why Do Brands Prefer the TDI for Airport Advertising?

Airport Advertising is considered the king of OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertising in India. Among the numerous airports in India where branding is available, the 9 airports, where TDI has exclusive advertising rights, have always stood out. We will hereby analyze the reasons why TDI has enjoyed the patronage of top brands for close to 3 decades.

The Most Experienced Airport Advertising Agency

TDI is the agency which began Airport Advertising in India. When it won the AAI (Airport Authority of India) Airport Advertising tender back in 1987, it pioneered a medium which has ruled OOH in India ever since. This means that TDI has close to 3 decades of experience in handling the top medium in OOH India. This experience level enables TDI to carry out Airport Advertising Campaigns in the smoothest and fastest manner. TDI’s ability, to sustain its high performance in the implementation and maintenance of campaigns, allows the brands to place its trust on the company.

Advertising India
Airport Advertising Agency in India

Innovating Constantly

Apart from the vast experience, TDI is also credited with the top trendsetting campaigns in Airport Advertising. TDI was the first to start Airport Advertising in India, develop printed display in India, create Tri-vision display in India, create Outdoor Interactive Kiosk in India, provide Audio- visual (digital) options in India, make 360 degree Tri-vision displays in India, and put the country’s first live car on a billboard. This tendency, of rolling out innovating campaigns, has kept TDI at the top of Airport Advertising in India throughout these years.

Among the many advantages unique to Advertising at the TDI Airports, the above 2 are the most prominent. The brands, which are already patrons of TDI Airport Advertising, are happy references to the above benefits of associating with TDI.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Advertising in India - An advance marketing practice!

Advertising in India has so far become an advance marketing practice for innumerable numbers of brand owners. From time to time scheming of brand communication (accordingly to the promotion requirement of the brand or service), advertising has become a full-fledged sector that assures brand owners effective positioning of their brands in the market (amongst the target groups). Whether the campaign targets to create awareness or buzz about the brand or service or announces sales or discounts (for a short term) advertising practices are vastly implemented by brand and business owners.

One of the booming sectors of Advertising in India is brand promotion through outdoor media. Outdoor Advertising also known as OOH advertising sector is currently booming amongst the other practices of advertising. Despite the oldest mode of promotion, OOH Advertising sustains its position as one of the most effective channels of brand communication for a wide range of brand owners in the market. Billboard Advertising, transit advertising, Airport Advertising, mall advertising, metro rail advertising – all these avenues of outdoor advertising are widely adopted by brand owners to launch their promotion campaigns. What is further worth mentioning is that modern outdoor advertising tools are refurbished as compared to conventional methods. The introduction of digital technology in OOH Advertising sector has enabled brand owners to come up with more attractive and engaging communication for various brands.

Indian Outdoor Advertising practices are competent with other advertisers across the world. In terms of tools, techniques or latest innovations Indian Outdoor Advertising industry is not behind from any other country. Various international brands have made their presence felt in the country over the last few years that give a clear hint how Indian market is growing.  Providing exclusive promotion solution for local, national and international brands, outdoor advertising domain is quite a booming sector at present. For those who want to launch their promotion campaigns through an effective ad channel, OOH media is the right one for them.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Why Mall Advertising?

Mall culture is fast evolving in India. Today, malls are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the country. This mushrooming growth of malls in the country marks the importance of Mall Advertising in India. Mall Advertising as compared to other outdoor tools of advertising is a different cup of tea. Mall advertisers aim at providing more than advertising impressions to its target group.

Why people come to malls?

A demographic survey of consumer behavior analyses that different age groups come to malls for different reasons. However, most of these audiences are somehow related to advertisement and ease of shopping or cultural industry. Few reasons are highlighted here:

  1. Children who belong to the age group between 5 and 15 years come to malls to buy toys. They come there because they either saw ads in Television or come there as their friends tell them.
  2. Youths who fall in the age category of 15-25 come at the malls to chill out and have fun as well as to show off.
  3. Adults who fall in the age group of 25-45 come at the malls to shop, dine or to watch movies (these audiences are the general target audience of mall advertisers).
  4. Elders who fall in the ager group of 45 and above are mostly audiences who come to shopping malls with rekindled interests to either enjoy their leisure time or to indulge in shopping and related experiences.

Let us now take a sneak preview about the features of Mall Advertising in India:

  1. Attractive ambiance: Shopping malls provide an attractive ambiance for any Advertising campaign. Everyone loves visiting malls and advertising at malls surely gets noticed because of its alluring vibes.

  1. Stunning visual displays: Mall advertising is enriched with stunning visual displays which attract a wide range of audiences. Malls are the finest locations where the best of outdoor advertising tools and techniques can be deployed.

  1. Exclusive spot: People come to malls to shop, watch movies or just to hang around which make malls an exclusive spot for the audience.

  1. A hang-out place: Even when you don’t have to shop, malls offer the right gathering place where people can just hang around and have fun.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Is there enough scope for innovation through OOH media?

One of the primary concerns of outdoor advertisers is to find out whether there is enough scope for innovations through Outdoor Advertising media or not.  Innovation plays a key role in any brand communication –be it indoor or outdoor media. So, it is worth a discussion whether OOH media provides adequate scope for innovation or not. The following paragraphs will throw some light about this.

OOH Advertising media is considered an important channel to create awareness about numerous numbers of brands in the market. Brand promotion through outdoor advertising media is an age-old practice. Many brand owners have been continuously implementing their promotion campaigns through OOH Advertising media. One thing is always common amongst the OOH Advertisers i.e. the novelty factor. Every OOH display about a brand has something new and interesting for customers to go through. Sometimes the media channel, sometimes the technique and sometimes the theme itself, the novelty factor is strictly observed through OOH media in such a way that customers easily distinguish the brand from others. This attribute of OOH Advertising already provide a large scope of innovation for various media owners and advertisers to advertise their brands with an effective impact on target groups. 

Also, the induction of never before used technological tactics and tools has enhanced outdoor advertising practices. Today, when we talk about an OOH Ad display, we generally refer to the digitalized ad displays of various brands such as digital billboards ads, signage ads, LCD/LED ads, electronic kiosks displays etc. Brand message through digitalized OOH media are more interactive and interesting for customers to access. What is further advantageous about the digitalized OOH media is that the advertiser can make any required change about the ad display anytime right from his office.  Remotely controllable, these new digitalized tools have indeed provided a tremendous change in the various OOH Advertising practices besides offering an innovative scope for innovation. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Why Brand owners widely adopt OOH media?

Advertising through outdoor media such as billboards, electronic kiosks, wall posters, transit vehicles etc. are widely adopted by brand owners and advertisers to promote their brands or businesses. Outdoor Advertising is one of the conventional means of brand promotion. With a rich technological induction, outdoor advertising in India has gone through a complete makeover. The growing avenues of OOH domain such as airport advertising, mall advertising, metro advertising etc. have further enhanced the importance of outdoor media among brand owners. Maximum numbers of brand owners launch their promotion campaigns through OOH media. 

One reason why brand owners adopt OOH Advertising media is the rich brand impression provided to customers through an outdoor ad display. It is much easier for advertisers to attract customers’ attention through OOH media as compared to other advertising means.  An OOH ad display presents a larger than life look about the brand on customers’ mind which easily allures their attention. While driving from office to home or vice versa, while visiting a shopping mall, while waiting to board a flight, while traveling by metro – OOH ads surround customers everywhere. It is also for this reason that outdoor advertising provides rich impact among customers besides providing good brand recall. 

For contemporary advertisers, outdoor media is an efficient channel to effectively present the brand message among masses or target groups. Enhanced by rich technological features, modern OOH tools provide hassle-free promotion solutions for brand owners. Unlike traditional practice of Outdoor Advertising, modern OOH tools provide flexible options to advertisers. For example, one can make any change with the ad content or design by sitting at the office. This digitally enhanced facility is one striking advantage of modern outdoor Advertising tools as compared to traditional media. With more brands going to be further launched in the market, the significance of OOH media is also expected to increase.