Monday, 11 March 2013

Why Mall Advertising?

Mall culture is fast evolving in India. Today, malls are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the country. This mushrooming growth of malls in the country marks the importance of Mall Advertising in India. Mall Advertising as compared to other outdoor tools of advertising is a different cup of tea. Mall advertisers aim at providing more than advertising impressions to its target group.

Why people come to malls?

A demographic survey of consumer behavior analyses that different age groups come to malls for different reasons. However, most of these audiences are somehow related to advertisement and ease of shopping or cultural industry. Few reasons are highlighted here:

  1. Children who belong to the age group between 5 and 15 years come to malls to buy toys. They come there because they either saw ads in Television or come there as their friends tell them.
  2. Youths who fall in the age category of 15-25 come at the malls to chill out and have fun as well as to show off.
  3. Adults who fall in the age group of 25-45 come at the malls to shop, dine or to watch movies (these audiences are the general target audience of mall advertisers).
  4. Elders who fall in the ager group of 45 and above are mostly audiences who come to shopping malls with rekindled interests to either enjoy their leisure time or to indulge in shopping and related experiences.

Let us now take a sneak preview about the features of Mall Advertising in India:

  1. Attractive ambiance: Shopping malls provide an attractive ambiance for any Advertising campaign. Everyone loves visiting malls and advertising at malls surely gets noticed because of its alluring vibes.

  1. Stunning visual displays: Mall advertising is enriched with stunning visual displays which attract a wide range of audiences. Malls are the finest locations where the best of outdoor advertising tools and techniques can be deployed.

  1. Exclusive spot: People come to malls to shop, watch movies or just to hang around which make malls an exclusive spot for the audience.

  1. A hang-out place: Even when you don’t have to shop, malls offer the right gathering place where people can just hang around and have fun.

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