Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Is Out Of Home Advertising really effective?

An out of home promotion activity of a brand or business is known as outdoor advertising or OOH Advertising. Despite the fact that outdoor advertising is a conventional means of advertising, many advertisers find it one of the most effective mediums of communication in today’s time.  There are many avenues of advertising through outdoor media. Airport Advertising, Mall Advertising, Metro Advertising, Billboard Advertising, Transit Advertising etc. are some of the forms of promoting brands or businesses through outdoor media. Outdoor Advertising is an advantageous means of promoting a brand, business or service. By implementing the right tactics of outdoor branding, one can benefit a lot from this medium of communication.  Following are a few advantages of OOH Advertising.

Easily attracts customers

An Outdoor Advertising display is one of the easiest means to attract customers. An OOH ad display is usually placed at the roadside, at the traffic point, highway, near flyover, shopping complexes, cinema halls etc. These venues are frequented by customers for personal or professional purposes. By placing the ad display at these venues, customers can easily access the brand message.

All-time availability of brand message

Besides its attractive features, an OOH Advertising display is advantageous for the very fact that it provides all-time availability of brand message among target groups. Those who viewed the brand message in the morning find the same ad display at the same spot. This provides an easy brand recall on their mind and makes them more curious to find out the detail of the brand. It has been surveyed on that Outdoor Advertising ad displays about sales or discounts are found very beneficial by customers who seldom watch television ads or listen to radio. Especially during festival season, OOH ads are genuinely relied on by customers. Some OOH ads provide direction to store rooms that help customers to a great deal.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Outdoor Advertising in India - Always a popular domain!

It is not surprising to find that outdoor advertising in India is always a popular domain of product or business marketing. Innumerable numbers of brand and business owners are making the best use of the various tools of Outdoor Advertising.  An OOH media provides an omnipresent brand message to target customers which is why brand owners prefer to launch a promotion campaign through an effective medium of outdoor advertising such as a billboard advertising display or a kiosk ad display. An outdoor advertising display of a brand provides immediate impact on customers’ mind because of its eye catching look. Anything that is eye catching easily occupies audiences’ attention.

An outdoor advertising display provides an uncluttered and targeted message. Customers can easily figure out the message that the brand owner wants to convey them. Without any scope of confusion, it is easier for brand owners to win maximum favor from the audiences through an OOH Ad display. An OOH Ad display is also omnipresent which means customers can access the brand message anytime of the day. If they happen to miss the brand message last time, they can re-visit the same site or location and access the same brand message. There is no switch off time; the brand message is always visual through an outdoor advertising medium.

Advertisers these days are heavily relying on the various avenues of outdoor advertising such as airport ads, metro ads, mall ads, digital billboard ads etc. Metro ads are one of the fast growing avenues as a part of Advertising in Delhi. With numerous metro stations coming up in the city, metro advertising in Delhi is becoming a booming sector. With more metro stations yet to be launched, advertisers in Delhi can benefit a lot through this avenue of outdoor advertising. For those who haven’t tried out this avenue, this avenue will surely be an exciting one for them.