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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Why is Branding at Airports the King of Advertising India?

Airport Advertising in India is one of the most popular platforms for promotional activities. Airport Advertising is a popular way by which brands can filter the high-end consumers from the other income groups. Airports are transit stations where the brands can create the maximum impact on the consumer’s mind. Airport Advertising can be carried out in various sites like glow sign boards, conveyer belts, airport trolleys and hoardings located at prime locations inside the terminals. Airports have a time consuming procedure for security checks as the passengers enter to ticketing, proceed through check-in and wait at the boarding gate areas. Upon landing, baggage claiming and ground transportation provide additional exposure of advertising scopes. This dwell time allows the air travelers to look around the airport area. Brands utilize this time span to deliver their promotional messages which the air travelers can perceive through every step of their journey. 

Most brands spend a considerable amount in advertising and keep Airport Advertising as one of the prominent agendas of their marketing strategies. Airport Advertising in India started way back in the 1980s and is still considered one of the most profitable forms of advertising with promising returns. Airport Advertising requires survey, innovative marketing plan and successful execution of the promotional activities. As the air fares are decreasing these days, people prefer travelling by aircrafts giving full opportunity to the brands to display their products on high visibility zones at the airports and thereby grab the attention with lasting impression.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Why would it be a great idea for you to publicize your Brand through Outdoor Media?

Outdoor Advertising media provides rich effect on target clients. This is the reason why OOH Advertising is a compelling method of Brand advancement for every one of these years. Promoting your Brand through OOH media gives different advantages. Taking after are a few advantages of publicizing your image through Outdoor Media.

Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor Advertising for Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Non-stop display of brand message- It is by a long shot a known reality to everybody that OOH media shows the brand message in a constant way. The brand message is accessible for clients to access for a considerable length of time, weeks and notwithstanding for a considerable length of time. As a Brand proprietor, in the event that you show your Brand message at some area in a specific city, there are high chances of conveying the message to those clients who drive or sidestep the specific area habitually or every day. By seeing the showed nonstop, those clients would without a doubt sees and experience the subtle elements of the same. Such reach ability and compelling viewership garners as an effective tool to promote your brand.

Creative approach- Most number of OOH promoting campaigns are propelled in an inventive way consequently giving an innovative way to deal with spectators. OOH Ads are generally consideration getting a handle on in light of the utilization of splendid and intense pictures and in addition content. Clients don't miss the ad display particularly in view of the imaginative methodology utilized by the brand proprietor to pass on the message.

Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor Advertising for Olx in Noida

Informative and Entertaining- OOH Ads illuminates clients about significant Brand information as well as work as a source of entertainment for them. Without OOH displays, a specific situation looks exhausting and dull. The alluring bulletins, Poster ads, Booth Advertisements and so forth make the encompassing environment exuberant and brilliant accordingly making a satisfying vibes for clients. Customers are indeed fond of OOH Ad displays. It is a significant satisfying background to experience another OOH promotion show at the nearby transport stand or at the road divider when they move out of home for any reason.

Intriguing appeal to customers- Every media provides an appeal to customers. OOH Advertising media gives a captivating speak to clients. As specified above, anything that looks spectacular effectively hits out eyeballs and forces us to watch or watch that. That is precisely how OOH Ads influence customers conduct. There is no break course for clients to keep away from the brand message. Hence at any cost, customers view/read the brand message without failure. The execution of hi tech media has gathered OOH Advertising practices as it were. Modern outdoor advertising is much more improved as compared to conventional practices.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

TDI International joins hands with Alibaba.com to become its 1st Channel Partner in India

TDI International India (P) Limited, one of the most experienced and well known advertising agencies in India, and Alibaba.com, the leading platform for global wholesale trade under Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA), today announced the parties’ collaboration. TDI has been selected as Alibaba.com’s first official Channel Partner in India. This partnership will allow TDI’s mobile and internet vertical, MAD (Mobile & Internet Advertising Division), to sell Alibaba.com’s Gold Membership packages to the small-and-medium sized businesses in India.

Bhushan Patil, Channel Director, Alibaba.com in India said, “We are pleased to select TDI International India (P) Limited, to be our channel partner for India. TDI’s mobile and internet advertising vertical’s technical expertise, along with the presence across the country will help Alibaba.com reach to more small businesses across India.” Mr. Sudheesh Nair, Channel leader from India for Alibaba.com, also echoed the views and welcomed TDI to Alibaba.com’s partner family.

Tdiindia partner with Alibaba
TDIIndia Partnership with Alibaba

Management at TDI are also excited about the prospect which the tie-up has brought in. The advertising agency is well known across the length and breadth of India. Apart from the 9 airports and 73 Delhi Metro Stations where it has exclusive rights, TDI’s Media Services is known for its ability to put brand displays on Outdoor sites across the country. The agency is highly experienced with the country’s SME sector through its mobile and internet division also and has many patrons from the sector.

Hiyav Bajaj, M.D. of TDI said, “We have been the leader of Outdoor Advertising in India since 1986 and the tie-up with Alibaba.com is a natural progress in the digital field. We believe that this partnership has got a potential of changing the SME scenario in a big way and contribute to the Make in India” vision of the current government.”
Bajaj added, “The partnership brings in an unparalleled opportunity for the Indian SMEs to export their products to buyers across the world and thereby contribute to the “Make in India” program initiated by Mr. Narendra Modi, the honorable Prime Minister of India. The Indian SMEs can hereby conveniently enroll themselves as Gold Members of Alibaba.com and find buyers from across the world. Through Alibaba.com, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms for buyers and sellers around the word, the Indian SMEs will immensely benefit from the arrangement. We have a strong pan-Indian Team which is being trained up for this partnership.”

Sanjay Sharma, Global Head of TDI says, “We have a great vision for this partnership and we will be covering the entire Indian geography with skilled feet on street, selling Alibaba.com’s Gold Supplier packages.  Over 4.46 million Indian SMEs leverage Alibaba.com platform for cross border trade opportunities. For Indian suppliers, Alibaba.com Gold Membership offers many features to showcase them to buyers across the world. Features like displaying multiple products,  company profile & exploring thousands of buying opportunities on Alibaba.com can help improve trade for Indian SMEs. With Alibaba.com and Tdi India, the value of platform can be taken to more small and medium enterprises and across India.”

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Advertising India is Gearing Up for the Holiday Season.

The brands in India are busy with the approaching holiday season. With them, the advertisers are also busy with the increased promotional activities of the brands. Advertising India is gearing up to handle the increased activity that the industry is set to witness in the period between September and January. The sudden rush of the season has set the tone of the industry to one of buzz and hectic marketing activities.

The expenditure of the Indian consumers increases by almost double during the festive seasons. This is one of the best times to attract Indian consumers who seem to roam the streets with the intent to buy. Thus, brands fall over each other to claim the attention of the consumers on the various platforms. The most prominent platforms which have been traditionally used by the brands to promote their products and services include Airport Advertising, Delhi Metro Advertising (for Delhi/NCR branches), Mall Spaces, and Outdoor Advertising. These platforms approach the audiences on ground and are the best ways of attracting consumers during these periods. Airports are the best places to catch the attention of the holiday crowd coming into the place. The next key points of advertising are the Outdoor locations, especially at and near the market places. The strategy is completed by advertising at the Mall Spaces which are the point of sales.

Advertise at the above Platforms during the sales season to get the benefits of high returns of investment. Associate with TDI International India (P) Limited for utilizing the strongest network of advertising sites across India.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Break the Trend with TDI

Twenty Seven years it has been since we first started TDI. Back then, there were small time advertisers who were mainly into hoardings and posters. We were the first company to break the trend with Airport Advertising Business.

It’s not just the innovation or creativity that makes us bring something new, it’s because we want the best for our clients that we find unique ways to sell and promote their products.
airport advertising, airport displays, airport signages

Airport Advertising | Airport Displays

The key challenge in front of any company today is Recall Value of its brand or its product by a potential consumer. It is very essential that the first brand that comes in the mind of a person when he/she goes to buy a product is yours.

For this companies spends a lot of their money on Advertising whether it is Outdoor, TV or Radio commercials and most recently Internet and Mobile Advertising.

So, why should you go for Airport Advertising with us and not with any other mode?
TDI have proudly been advertising partner of many companies. TDI has seen companies grow from a single office in a city to an office in every big city in India. We have been with them in every step, promoting their product, boosting their market value and establishing their brand as strong as ever.
tdi, advertising agency, advertising

TDI - Advertising Agency

TDI also has the privilege of being the current Advertising partner of over 500 National and International giants, for whom we have increased the reach among the target audience and made them faithful towards the particular product.

It’s not only the vast experience we have in the Advertising field that a company associate with us, it’s also because we truly understand what they want before they want it and deliver it in best and unique ways possible.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Advertising in India - An advance marketing practice!

Advertising in India has so far become an advance marketing practice for innumerable numbers of brand owners. From time to time scheming of brand communication (accordingly to the promotion requirement of the brand or service), advertising has become a full-fledged sector that assures brand owners effective positioning of their brands in the market (amongst the target groups). Whether the campaign targets to create awareness or buzz about the brand or service or announces sales or discounts (for a short term) advertising practices are vastly implemented by brand and business owners.

One of the booming sectors of Advertising in India is brand promotion through outdoor media. Outdoor Advertising also known as OOH advertising sector is currently booming amongst the other practices of advertising. Despite the oldest mode of promotion, OOH Advertising sustains its position as one of the most effective channels of brand communication for a wide range of brand owners in the market. Billboard Advertising, transit advertising, Airport Advertising, mall advertising, metro rail advertising – all these avenues of outdoor advertising are widely adopted by brand owners to launch their promotion campaigns. What is further worth mentioning is that modern outdoor advertising tools are refurbished as compared to conventional methods. The introduction of digital technology in OOH Advertising sector has enabled brand owners to come up with more attractive and engaging communication for various brands.

Indian Outdoor Advertising practices are competent with other advertisers across the world. In terms of tools, techniques or latest innovations Indian Outdoor Advertising industry is not behind from any other country. Various international brands have made their presence felt in the country over the last few years that give a clear hint how Indian market is growing.  Providing exclusive promotion solution for local, national and international brands, outdoor advertising domain is quite a booming sector at present. For those who want to launch their promotion campaigns through an effective ad channel, OOH media is the right one for them.