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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Essentials of an Effective Advertising Campaign.

Once marketer receives a commitment to buy from a prospect, his job is just half done!.
Now he has to put together a program that can generate results, and that is an important responsibility to embrace.
Business owners are unique individuals. They represent about 5% of the population, they have an idea, a vision and they put everything on the line in pursuit of that vision. If a marketer builds an excellent program that is aligned with what a business owner wants to accomplish, not only a marketer succeeds as a professional, but will also have a customer for life.

The Success mantras

An expert helps the business owners to speak the language of Advertising or they risk wasting their investment. Only, the correct message can give the expected ROI.

Value is simply “What is in it for the reader of the ad”, it is a call for action. A good value in campaign is the most effective means of causing a prospective customer to act”. For e.g 25% Free in the same price.

The higher the Impact, higher is the success of a promotional campaign.
Impact is the element of the promotional program that gets your message noticed. A reader spends an average of 2-3 seconds on every ad. In that time, marketer has to make sure that the message stands out the rest.

Where impact represents how a message affects a reader, circulation represents which audience the business is trying to target. For e.g whether it is geographic targeting or demographic targeting. It can also be based on the cycle of the product/service(slow cycle vs fast cycle)

Advertising is about making and breaking habits”. A consistent message allows a business to reach the target audience whenever need arises. In the world of advertising a consistent message unlocks the doors to response if that message has a good value, impact and the appropriate circulation

All these elements can be used, keeping in mind the ultimate goal(s) of the advertiser when designing the ad.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Advertising in India - An advance marketing practice!

Advertising in India has so far become an advance marketing practice for innumerable numbers of brand owners. From time to time scheming of brand communication (accordingly to the promotion requirement of the brand or service), advertising has become a full-fledged sector that assures brand owners effective positioning of their brands in the market (amongst the target groups). Whether the campaign targets to create awareness or buzz about the brand or service or announces sales or discounts (for a short term) advertising practices are vastly implemented by brand and business owners.

One of the booming sectors of Advertising in India is brand promotion through outdoor media. Outdoor Advertising also known as OOH advertising sector is currently booming amongst the other practices of advertising. Despite the oldest mode of promotion, OOH Advertising sustains its position as one of the most effective channels of brand communication for a wide range of brand owners in the market. Billboard Advertising, transit advertising, Airport Advertising, mall advertising, metro rail advertising – all these avenues of outdoor advertising are widely adopted by brand owners to launch their promotion campaigns. What is further worth mentioning is that modern outdoor advertising tools are refurbished as compared to conventional methods. The introduction of digital technology in OOH Advertising sector has enabled brand owners to come up with more attractive and engaging communication for various brands.

Indian Outdoor Advertising practices are competent with other advertisers across the world. In terms of tools, techniques or latest innovations Indian Outdoor Advertising industry is not behind from any other country. Various international brands have made their presence felt in the country over the last few years that give a clear hint how Indian market is growing.  Providing exclusive promotion solution for local, national and international brands, outdoor advertising domain is quite a booming sector at present. For those who want to launch their promotion campaigns through an effective ad channel, OOH media is the right one for them.