Monday, 25 March 2013

Advantages of Advertising a Brand through Outdoor Media!

Outdoor Advertising is one of the oldest means of promoting a brand or business. Any promotion campaign of a brand or business that is launched through an outdoor media such as billboards, hoardings, electronic kiosks, wall-wraps etc. comes under OOH advertising practice. Despite the fact that outdoor advertising is one of the conventional means of promotion, various OOH campaigns are continuously launched for numerous brands. This provides an insinuation that Outdoor Advertising practices are always in demand amongst brand owners.  In the following paragraphs, let us take a look at few reasons why outdoor media is the right choice for every brand owner.

A pervasive presence of your brand

An OOH media ensures that your brand has a pervasive presence. By placing an OOH Ad display at a particular site, one makes it easier for customers to easily locate or view it while driving or walking. The attractive features of an OOH Ad display hit maximum eyeballs of customers who cross the site where the ad is placed. It is therefore a plus factor for the brand owner to communicate his brand message more easily and effectively amongst target groups. All in all, a pervasive presence of a brand ensures maximum visibility of the brand message amongst customers which is a major asset for positioning the brand.

Clutter-free Communication

Another major advantage of launching a promotion campaign through OOH media is that it projects clutter-free communication about the brand on customers’ mind.  Anyone who comes across an OOH Ad display can easily read and understand the brand message. An easy understanding of the brand message means more chances of encouraging customers to buy or adopt that product. Many outdoor advertisers ensure that they provide only crisp and attractive communication of brands through any OOH media so that they can effortlessly inspire customers to buy or adopt their products.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Why OOH advertising is a favourite among advertisers?

A form of brand communication that is accessed through an out of home medium or channel is known as outdoor advertising. Outdoor Advertising is a conventional means of promotion. However, the tools of this medium of advertising have been redefined and renovated over the years. Earlier, traditional billboards, wall paintings or posters, ordinary hoardings etc. were the common means of OOH Advertising. All these have been replaced by digitalized tools such as digital billboards, LCD/LED displays, Electronic Kiosks etc. Outdoor Advertising is quite beneficial for any type of brand or business. Following are a few advantages of OOH Advertising.

Always in the public domain

An outdoor advertising display is always in the public domain which makes it easily noticeable by passersby. For example, a billboard ad display at the traffic point easily grasps customers’ passing attention. One cannot ignore something that is flashy and eye-catching. Thus, it easily draws attention from customers and conveys the brand message. An OOH Advertising display is available round the clock, week and even month. Repeated exposure of brand message also provides good brand recall to customers.

OOH Advertising is open for all advertisers               

Another added advantage of outdoor advertising is its cost which is open to all advertisers- small or large.  Outdoor Advertising is a less expensive medium than Television and Print. Small business owners can even opt for outdoor media to promote their services in the market.

Expanding avenues and continuous growth

The growing avenues of OOH Advertising India have provided many lucrative opportunities to brand owners to promote their brands at premium locations such as airports and shopping malls. Metro advertising is another raging practice among the Indian cities where metro rail services are available. These growing avenues of OOH Advertising India have provided advertisers various options to choose the right medium of promoting their business in the market.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Why Mall Advertising?

Mall culture is fast evolving in India. Today, malls are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the country. This mushrooming growth of malls in the country marks the importance of Mall Advertising in India. Mall Advertising as compared to other outdoor tools of advertising is a different cup of tea. Mall advertisers aim at providing more than advertising impressions to its target group.

Why people come to malls?

A demographic survey of consumer behavior analyses that different age groups come to malls for different reasons. However, most of these audiences are somehow related to advertisement and ease of shopping or cultural industry. Few reasons are highlighted here:

  1. Children who belong to the age group between 5 and 15 years come to malls to buy toys. They come there because they either saw ads in Television or come there as their friends tell them.
  2. Youths who fall in the age category of 15-25 come at the malls to chill out and have fun as well as to show off.
  3. Adults who fall in the age group of 25-45 come at the malls to shop, dine or to watch movies (these audiences are the general target audience of mall advertisers).
  4. Elders who fall in the ager group of 45 and above are mostly audiences who come to shopping malls with rekindled interests to either enjoy their leisure time or to indulge in shopping and related experiences.

Let us now take a sneak preview about the features of Mall Advertising in India:

  1. Attractive ambiance: Shopping malls provide an attractive ambiance for any Advertising campaign. Everyone loves visiting malls and advertising at malls surely gets noticed because of its alluring vibes.

  1. Stunning visual displays: Mall advertising is enriched with stunning visual displays which attract a wide range of audiences. Malls are the finest locations where the best of outdoor advertising tools and techniques can be deployed.

  1. Exclusive spot: People come to malls to shop, watch movies or just to hang around which make malls an exclusive spot for the audience.

  1. A hang-out place: Even when you don’t have to shop, malls offer the right gathering place where people can just hang around and have fun.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Digital Outdoor Advertising Display - In Trend!

An Advertising display through OOH media which is also known as OOH Display is visible everywhere around any city in India. A billboard advertising display, airport advertising display, mall ad display, metro ad display etc. are categorized under outdoor advertising displays. A billboard advertising display is seen at the highway, at the traffic point, at a shopping mall or at any location where the OOH Display fits. Billboard advertising display is one of the conventional modes of brand promotion through OOH media. Ensured to provide a larger than life impact on customers’ mind a billboard advertising display is the most adopted means of outdoor advertising. An airport advertising display could also be a billboard ad. In fact, it can be summed up that billboard ads are anywhere or everywhere. 

Over the last few years, Outdoor Advertising displays have gone through a technological makeover. Today, most of the OOH displays are digitalized. Providing a richer impression about the brand on customers’ mind, a modern OOH display is a preferred choice of communication for various brand owners. Digital media has almost replaced conventional OOH tools especially in the metropolitan cities in India. Delhi is one of the hubs where digital outdoor advertising campaigns are much in trend. There are many key players in OOH domain among which TDI International India P Limited is also one. 

TDI is one of India’s leading Airport advertising and OOH media service providers. With its presence at the airports, luxury shopping malls, metros and various outdoor location all across the country, TDI provides all-encompassing promotion solutions through various outdoor means of advertising. Established in 1986, TDI is also India’s largest Airport advertising Media Operators. TDI stands apart from other OOH Advertising agencies in its innovative approach and techniques of promotion. Well equipped to provide a complete range of OOH media services that include planning, buying, execution, scientific monitoring etc. TDI is one such agency that provides ‘exclusive’ branding solutions for its various clients.