Saturday, 27 April 2013

Let your brand stroll out via outdoor advertising!

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest means of brand promotion which still creates its impact to a wide range of target audience. Outdoor Advertising as a brand promotion tool requires a dedicated team of professionals who plan, execute and also do follow-ups of every single ad campaign. One striking benefit of outdoor advertising is that it provides a huge impact to audience about the brand with its vivacious graphical display and clutter-free content. Besides, outdoor ads also create an arresting appeal of freshness to onlookers and attract them to buy the product.
A plethora of tools, techniques and strategies are available for advertisers to deploy an advertising campaign. Few tools used in modern Outdoor Advertising include billboards, juke boxes, sky-flyers, screens, kiosks, digital signages, LCD, LED, plasma displays, projected images etc.  With a capable budget and resource, indulging in an outdoor ad campaign is not a difficult activity to promote a brand in the market because outdoor ads provide the following advantages:
  1. Effective reach to the mass
  2. Budget-friendly
  3. Eye-catchy and attractive
  4. Repetitive nature
  5. Provide compelling viewership to audience group
Airport Ads- An outdoor advertising practice
Agree it or not, Airport Advertising is the most effective means to reach your target customer. People who are ‘on the go’ tend to spend a great deal of time at the airport and it is one reason why airport advertising is one of the most effective means. Other attractive features about airport advertising include high-tech, attention grabbing, high-glamour look etc.
Some more advantages of Airport Advertising:
    1. Airport ads are mostly fresh and original
    2. Airport ads provide a spick and span look
    3. Ads placed at airports are lucrative
    4. Airports provide large space
    5. Creates highest awareness to target audiences
    6. Airport ads provide brand positioning through repeated exposure
    7. Targets the niche market with a richer impact  
    8. Available round the clock, round the year
    9. Airport advertising campaigns suit all marketing budgets
    10. Airport ads are wise spends
Mall advertising and Metro Advertising are another two common types of outdoor advertising. Whether you want to promote your brand at the airport, shopping mall or metro station, it is beneficial for your brand to stroll out via an outdoor ad campaign to provide a richer impact to your intended target customers.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How OOH Advertising adapts brands and customers?

Outdoor Advertising is one of the accustomed modes of brand promotion. Outdoor Advertising practices in India are preferred by most of the brand owners. In this blog, let us familiarize how OOH Advertising practices accustom brands and customers and provide a leap to the brand business. 

Brand messages are readily available through OOH Advertising

OOH Advertising practices easily reach out to those customers who move from one place to another. The ready availability of brand message through rich and interactive mediums of advertising attracts the passing-attention of customers on the go. Besides, any OOH Ad display provides customers a second chance to visit the same location to access the brand information (if failed to access during the first visit). Enhancing the over-all outing experience of customers, outdoor advertising practices are effective modes of connecting brands with customers.

There is always something new about OOH Advertising
Be it the tool or technique, OOH advertising practices are continuously revamped and renovated from time to time. It is worth mentioning how the ordinary billboards (in conventional OOH campaigns) are now revamped as digital billboards enabling advertisers to make required changes in the ad messages. Remotely manipulative, digitalized tools of outdoor advertising have enhanced brand advertising practices by saving time and effort.

Once a medium, always a medium

It is a known fact to everyone that OOH Advertising is one of the oldest modes of brand promotion. However, the interesting fact is that time has not become a constraint for this medium of brand promotion so far. The demands for more Outdoor Advertising practices have instead increased over the years. With the launch of every single technology, OOH Advertising attains a new look or an added technique of brand promotion. It is indeed true that OOH media was is and will always be an effective medium of brand promotion.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

How OOH ads differ from indoor ads?

OOH ads do not share any animosity with indoor ads. It is choice of the advertiser to choose whichever medium of advertising he wants to select. The variance of medium between OOH ads and indoor ads do not affect the kind of language, creativity or advertising approaches used in both of the mediums. In order to understand the variances between these two mediums of advertising, go through the following paragraphs which explain how OOH ads differ from indoor ads.

Difference in advertising media
Media vehicles used for OOH Advertising are totally different from the media vehicles used for indoor ads. In outdoor advertising, there are a wide range of media vehicles to promote a brand. The range of media vehicles can range from a simple highway billboard to a digital signage at a movie theatre. When it comes to indoor ads, the media vehicles are limited to only some few such as television, radio, print media, internet & mobile. Until and unless, technology gifts advertisers more indoor advertising mediums, indoor ads will be confined to these mediums only.

Difference in advertising approach
OOH Advertising approaches are quite different from indoor ads. In outdoor advertising, what is important is maximum exposure of the brand message so that customers can continuously rely upon the same source. Further, OOH ads cannot be switched off like indoor ads. When you don’t want to watch a television commercial, you change the channel. However, in OOH advertising no such thing happens. OOH ads are continuously exposed to advertisers and can never ever be avoided. 

Over the years, OOH Advertising has gone through various renovations unlike indoor advertising. Expanding brand advertising expertise through latest and newest means of technologically enriched mediums, OOH Advertising promises advanced and richer brand promotion solutions to advertisers and brand owners in the future.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Non-stop growth in OOH Domain.

Any form of brand promotion through an outdoor media vehicle is known as outdoor advertising. An OOH ad display is uncluttered that means it conveys the brand message without any confusion. Anyone who comes across an OOH ad display forms a prominent image or impression about the brand on his mind. Unlike a television or radio commercial, an OOH Ad display can’t also be switched off. This compelling viewership provides customers only one choice i.e. to go through the ad message. Ready availability of brand message is yet another asset of an outdoor advertising display. An advertiser can display his brand ad for as many numbers of days/weeks/months. Those who missed the ad display last time have another chance to re-visit the same location or spot and go through it. This way the brand message is accessed by customers at any cost.

Amongst the various avenues of outdoor advertising, Airport Advertising and mall ads are growing in a fast pace. The rising number of airports, the mounting shopping malls/complexes, the deepening pockets of customers- all these are some factors that have encouraged outdoor advertisers to expand their advertising expertise at the various shopping malls and airports. Airport Advertising or Mall Ads are mostly launched through rich media that provide a strong brand appeal on customers’ mind. A non-stop growth is predicted in OOH domain. The growing market and uniform economic stint also provide OOH Advertisers many new opportunities of brand advertising through OOH media.

Outdoor Advertising domain is booming. An increase number of shopping malls, metro rail stations and airports have provided outdoor advertisers richer avenues of promoting their brands through OOH media. Tapping the right market, coming up with innovative OOH solutions, aggressive competition- all these set the tone of modern outdoor advertising in India. However, today’s outdoor advertisers need to have an in-depth knowledge about the changing scenarios of the market place so that they can frame an effective brand message (to be effectively communicated to customers).

Monday, 8 April 2013

Three frequently used OOH media channels!

A brand owner can adopt multiple media channels to advertise his brand. Brand Advertising is not limited to a single or limited media. An advertiser can launch the same brand promotion campaign through various mediums provided he can afford the ad cost of launching the campaign through multiple mediums. Through this blog, let us have a brief idea about three common media channels used for launching an OOH Advertising campaign.


Billboard Advertising is the most common OOH advertising practice. Billboards are of two types- ordinary and digital billboards. Ordinary billboards were used as conventional tools of outdoor advertising. In contemporary OOH advertising practices, digital billboards have replaced conventional billboards. Digital billboards are manually operated and one of its added benefits is that the advertiser can make changes in his ad copy or design whenever he wishes to do so (or when there is any such requirement).

Electronic kiosks

Earlier Kiosks were used as ordinary tools of launching an OOH Ad campaign. The usages of kiosks were limited to some specific locations. However, with the technological advancement, electronic kiosks are in vogue at present. These kiosks are seen in and around cinema halls, shopping malls, road sides etc. Considered as one of the effective tools of contemporary OOH advertising, electronic kiosks are widely used by maximum number of outdoor advertisers.

Backlit translits 

Backlit translits are amongst the commonly used tools of Outdoor Advertising at present. These outdoor advertising tools are seen at shopping malls, metro stations, airports, bus shelters etc. Backlit translits are also widely used by outdoor advertisers as these tools provide effective brand message to passing customers.

The usage of Outdoor advertising tools is not limited to a few. From time to time and with each technological induction various OOH advertising tools will further be introduced in the market.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Outdoor Advertising is a non-stop Mode of Brand Promotion.

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Outdoor Advertising at Airports

The non-stop launch of new brands in the market opens a window of opportunities for advertisers and brand owners to explore and experiment with new avenues and tools of brand promotion. Advertisers either change their promotion techniques and tools or switch to new-age media to promote their products. The impact of this changing tide in advertising is much felt in outdoor brand promotion at present. Television, radio and print advertising remain unchanged and unaffected; however Outdoor Advertising has observed a complete makeover within the last few years in terms of its tools and devices.
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Outdoor Advertising India
Outdoor Advertising in India is an aged old practice. The trend of promoting brands through outdoor media has been continuing for years. Outdoor Advertising practices are widely adopted by a wide range of advertisers at present. Offering exclusive brand promotion solutions, outdoor ads are getting popular day by day.
From the perspective of the customers, by outdoor ads, people have a general notion for those bright poster and billboard ads which are placed at the roadsides, traffic points, highways etc. However, in modern outdoor advertising, the aged old tools of outdoor promotion such as posters and ordinary billboards are no more in vogue. Digital billboards, electronic kiosks, signage etc have replaced the traditional tools of outdoor advertising thereby providing brand owners a richer means of brand promotion (via outdoor tools).
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TDI Outdoor Advertising
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Indian Out of home/Outdoor advertising agency - TDI
The growing rate of commercialization in India invites the attention of a wide range of advertisers and brand owners to indulge in the competition. Outdoor advertising is considered an effective means of promoting products and business by brand owners. Many new brands will be introduced in the market in the near future for which various advertising tools and tactics will be required. Catering to the promotional requirement of emerging brands in the market, outdoor advertising will forever exist as a non-stop mode of brand promotion.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Advertising in India - An advance marketing practice!

Advertising in India has so far become an advance marketing practice for innumerable numbers of brand owners. From time to time scheming of brand communication (accordingly to the promotion requirement of the brand or service), advertising has become a full-fledged sector that assures brand owners effective positioning of their brands in the market (amongst the target groups). Whether the campaign targets to create awareness or buzz about the brand or service or announces sales or discounts (for a short term) advertising practices are vastly implemented by brand and business owners.

One of the booming sectors of Advertising in India is brand promotion through outdoor media. Outdoor Advertising also known as OOH advertising sector is currently booming amongst the other practices of advertising. Despite the oldest mode of promotion, OOH Advertising sustains its position as one of the most effective channels of brand communication for a wide range of brand owners in the market. Billboard Advertising, transit advertising, Airport Advertising, mall advertising, metro rail advertising – all these avenues of outdoor advertising are widely adopted by brand owners to launch their promotion campaigns. What is further worth mentioning is that modern outdoor advertising tools are refurbished as compared to conventional methods. The introduction of digital technology in OOH Advertising sector has enabled brand owners to come up with more attractive and engaging communication for various brands.

Indian Outdoor Advertising practices are competent with other advertisers across the world. In terms of tools, techniques or latest innovations Indian Outdoor Advertising industry is not behind from any other country. Various international brands have made their presence felt in the country over the last few years that give a clear hint how Indian market is growing.  Providing exclusive promotion solution for local, national and international brands, outdoor advertising domain is quite a booming sector at present. For those who want to launch their promotion campaigns through an effective ad channel, OOH media is the right one for them.