Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Why Brand owners widely adopt OOH media?

Advertising through outdoor media such as billboards, electronic kiosks, wall posters, transit vehicles etc. are widely adopted by brand owners and advertisers to promote their brands or businesses. Outdoor Advertising is one of the conventional means of brand promotion. With a rich technological induction, outdoor advertising in India has gone through a complete makeover. The growing avenues of OOH domain such as airport advertising, mall advertising, metro advertising etc. have further enhanced the importance of outdoor media among brand owners. Maximum numbers of brand owners launch their promotion campaigns through OOH media. 

One reason why brand owners adopt OOH Advertising media is the rich brand impression provided to customers through an outdoor ad display. It is much easier for advertisers to attract customers’ attention through OOH media as compared to other advertising means.  An OOH ad display presents a larger than life look about the brand on customers’ mind which easily allures their attention. While driving from office to home or vice versa, while visiting a shopping mall, while waiting to board a flight, while traveling by metro – OOH ads surround customers everywhere. It is also for this reason that outdoor advertising provides rich impact among customers besides providing good brand recall. 

For contemporary advertisers, outdoor media is an efficient channel to effectively present the brand message among masses or target groups. Enhanced by rich technological features, modern OOH tools provide hassle-free promotion solutions for brand owners. Unlike traditional practice of Outdoor Advertising, modern OOH tools provide flexible options to advertisers. For example, one can make any change with the ad content or design by sitting at the office. This digitally enhanced facility is one striking advantage of modern outdoor Advertising tools as compared to traditional media. With more brands going to be further launched in the market, the significance of OOH media is also expected to increase. 

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