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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

DMRC Advertising in India

DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) Advertising is a fast growing Advertising platform for brand promotions in Delhi and NCR. DMRC is a network of about 213 Km with 160 metro stations along with 6 more stations of the Airport Express Link (according to DMRC data, 2015). Presently, the network has crossed the boundaries of Delhi to reach Noida & Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh and Gurgaon & Faridabad in Haryana. Each metro station constructed, provides ample space for Brand Promotion with the platform area serving as the main transit point for almost 3 million commuters on a daily basis. Delhi Metro Advertising has one of the best scopes of capturing the attention of the consumers in order to reach the target audiences. Brands, which are loyal clients of DMRC Advertising Agencies, range from cosmetics, health, automobiles and electronics. In short the medium is a gold mine for products and services which are generally used by the consumers on a daily basis.

Delhi Metro Advertising in India is a comparatively new venture which has grown tremendously in the last few years. People residing in the capital or its outskirts prefer to board the metro trains, they being one of the fastest modes of transport. This opportunity, to reach the masses, is one of the advantages that only Delhi Metro Advertising enjoys over all other forms of Outdoor Advertising.

Advertising Agencies in India execute brand promotional activities keeping DMRC as one of the hotspots of advertising. As the network of metro stations is expanding, so is the range of Advertising by the Delhi Metro Advertising Agencies.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How to Best Use DMRC Advertising?

DMRC Advertising or Delhi Metro Advertising is a prominent way in which brands reach a wide range of audiences in Delhi and NCR. Any brand, irrespective of its size or area of operation, can effectively use the medium to flaunt its USPs before its target audiences. Let us discuss few ways in which you can improve the effectiveness of the DMRC Advertising.

Research your Target Audience

The huge audience levels often start a rat’s race among the brands to capture as much as visibility as possible. However, it is also very important to research the areas where the brand’s target audiences are found in a most prevalent manner and place DMRC Advertising Displays accordingly. For example, metro stations like Kashmere Gate, etc. can be used by businesses like travel companies, entities with interest in industrial hubs, etc.

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Delhi Metro Advertising

Use the Larger Canvas

Although selecting the most appropriate target areas is important, the large canvas of the metro advertising should also be used for gaining that extra edge in the branding battles with your competitors. For example, the kind of exposure which can be provided by TDI with its 73 metro stations is unmatchable.

Promote at the Right Time of the Year

Some products and services are seasonal in nature. They also need to be promoted accordingly. Rather than wait for the beginning of the season, it is always better to start a few months earlier. The uncluttered nature of the DMRC Advertising Displays and the well-kept environments offer ample opportunities of innovations to bring out the best in your brand. Getting the timing of the branding right will put the final star.

The above are some of the ways in which your DMRC Advertising Campaign can work additional wonders for your brand. Keep reading this blog for more such tips and tricks.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

What Makes DMRC the Best Platform for Brand Promotions?

DMRC Advertising enjoys a unique position among the promotional media in Delhi. So, what is about the metro medium which makes it a favorite of the brands in Delhi? Considering the dismal start which the medium saw when it was introduced, even its survival would have been considered as an achievement. Not only did DMRC survive as a promotional media, it is regularly mentioned among the top ways of advertising in Delhi.
Delhi Metro Advertising
Delhi Metro Advertising
Among the top reasons, for this noteworthy transformation, is the unparalleled reach and penetration of the medium. Meticulous planning by the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) has ensured that even the innermost pockets of Delhi and NCR are covered. Even as the organization has received worldwide acclaim, DMRC continues to map even more areas with newer metro stations and line extensions. The medium is in fact the best uncluttered media which can be used to reach practically any region in Delhi/NCR. Soon, the media houses and the brands began to realize the huge opportunities of localized advertising which DMRC could afford. Since then, DMRC Advertising has been the torchbearer of localized advertising in Delhi & NCR.

Another important point, which boasts the popularity of the platform, is that among all the forms of OOH, it is the medium where the displays have the opportunity of interacting with the audiences from the closest quarters. Additionally an average audience dwell time of 10-15 minutes provides ample opportunities for high impact branding.

DMRC Advertising combines the best of all the OOH media. It is the best way to tell your brand story in an uncluttered environment. Additionally, with its reach expanding in leaps and bounds, a world of good is being done to your brand’s area of exposure.  

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Why Is it Imperative to Have Brand Presence in DMRC?

The DMRC or Delhi Metro Advertising is no longer just a leading branding platform. It has become an essential place in Delhi to ensure brand presence. With the daily ridership of more than 30 lakhs commuters per day, a non-presence would be an unimaginable loss to your branding opportunities in Delhi. 
Delhi Metro Advertising
DMRC Advertising
The splendid planning of DMRC has ensured that it covers every important place in Delhi and NCR. There is no other medium which can map, all of your target groups in Delhi, as conveniently as DMRC. If you are still living with the perception that the DMRC medium is a non-performing medium (like in the beginning days), you need to look at the large number of brands which are completely satisfied with the performances, and are continuously coming back for more.

Delhi Metro Advertising combines the impact of high end uncluttered media and the reach of localized advertising. Provide your brand with some of the best maintained transit stations so that they have the most appropriate opportunities for sending out the intended message. An average dwell time of 10-15 minutes provides a good deal of time for impact. This is in fact a luxury in the sector of Outdoor Advertising.

Choose Delhi Metro Advertising to give your brand unsurpassed levels of brand penetration at even the interior places of Delhi & NCR. Delhi Metro Advertising has the ability to boost your brand recall rates to the top of the levels. You can call TDI International India (P) Limited, the largest DMRC Advertising Agency with exclusive advertising rights at 73 metro stations, and avail the benefits of the most popular branding medium in Delhi.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Advertising India is Gearing Up for the Holiday Season.

The brands in India are busy with the approaching holiday season. With them, the advertisers are also busy with the increased promotional activities of the brands. Advertising India is gearing up to handle the increased activity that the industry is set to witness in the period between September and January. The sudden rush of the season has set the tone of the industry to one of buzz and hectic marketing activities.

The expenditure of the Indian consumers increases by almost double during the festive seasons. This is one of the best times to attract Indian consumers who seem to roam the streets with the intent to buy. Thus, brands fall over each other to claim the attention of the consumers on the various platforms. The most prominent platforms which have been traditionally used by the brands to promote their products and services include Airport Advertising, Delhi Metro Advertising (for Delhi/NCR branches), Mall Spaces, and Outdoor Advertising. These platforms approach the audiences on ground and are the best ways of attracting consumers during these periods. Airports are the best places to catch the attention of the holiday crowd coming into the place. The next key points of advertising are the Outdoor locations, especially at and near the market places. The strategy is completed by advertising at the Mall Spaces which are the point of sales.

Advertise at the above Platforms during the sales season to get the benefits of high returns of investment. Associate with TDI International India (P) Limited for utilizing the strongest network of advertising sites across India.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Delhi Metro Advertising to be fuelled by 67 New Metro Stations

Delhi Metro Advertising is set to receive 67 new Metro Stations with the completion of Phase III. The phase, which is being completed at a fast pace, is set to provide newer avenues to the brands that endorse DMRC Advertising. Trial runs have already begun on the completed stretches like Central Secretariat and Mandi House. Looking at the speed of operations, DMRC is set to complete the phase well before the designated deadline of 2016.

The completion of the phase will mean that the brands will have newer sites for blowing their trumpets from. The popular Advertising Medium is set to enter newer territory as the Delhi Metro system maps more territory under its operation with each phase. This translates into more choices for the brands. Phase III will provide further boost the growth of Delhi Metro Advertising, a medium that has recently captivated the imagination of leading brands. The inclusion of newer stations will also bring more categories of audiences into the ambit of the medium, bringing in opportunities for more brands.

Both the Delhi Metro Advertising Agencies and the brands are eagerly waiting for the construction of all the lines in the phase to be completed. For the brands that are looking for benefits of Local Advertising in the Metro Medium, the inauguration of stations near the establishments will offer ample opportunities for high impact sites.