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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Why Advertise at the Cochin Airport?

Cochin is situated in the South West state of Kerala in India. It is one of the most important places in the south and is the business capital of Kerala. Cochin Airport Advertising brings high visibility to your brand at one of the most crucial hubs of business activity in the southern parts of India. Let us look at some of the benefits which will arise out of placing your brand at the indoor and outdoor sites in Cochin Airport.

High Traffic Rate

Cochin Airport is the 6th largest airport in India and the largest airport in Kerala. It has an annual traffic of 6.2 million travelers which is growing at a rate of 17%. Advertising at Cochin Airport places your brand before an affluent audience which numbers in millions. It is also one of the largest handlers of chartered flights in India. When you can command visibility before 6.2 million annual travelers belonging to SEC A and SEC A+ section of society, it becomes an automatic selection for your marketing campaigns.

Airport Advertising
Cochin Airport Advertising

Both Domestic & International Audiences

Both the domestic and international terminals of Cochin airport keep pretty busy throughout the year. When it’s not those traveling for business, there are the tourists. A survey, conducted for Outlook Traveled magazine by Nielson Company, ranked Cochin as the 6th best tourist destination in India. The airport is also well connected to all Gulf, Europe, Middle East, and Far East areas as well as all major Indian cities.

The above are some of the major reasons why the giants of Textiles, Banking/Finance, Tourism, Jewellery, Media etc., advertise regularly at Cochin. Some of the well known names which TDI (the media owner at Chennai airport), states as patrons are Muthoot, Manappuram, South Indian Bank, Malayala Manorama, Joyalukkas, Josco, Kalyan, Skyline, and many more. The Airport Advertising Agency, with rights at the Cochin airport, has now made the online selection of sites at the Cochin Airport possible. This is set to further increase the popularity of the airport among the brands.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Airport Advertising – A Premium Medium for Affluent Target Groups.

If your brand’s target groups include premium audiences from the affluent SEC A, A+, Airport Advertising is the best medium for its promotional campaigns. A primary difference, which separates higher end brands, is that the promotional activities also use branding tactics apart from the simple solicitation for the products and services. It is in this context, where branding becomes an additional requirement, that the airports boast of the most feasible environments for achieving such aims.

Airport Advertising
Airport Advertising by Tdi India

A branding event requires extended duration of interaction with the audiences. It cannot utilize a common “impress and persuade” attitude like any other Advertising Campaign. The airports, with their comfortable environment and the best transit station facilities, are platforms where this interaction can take place with convenience. This means that the high dwell time is not only encouraging from the point of view of time duration, but the audiences, in an airport, are also in a calm and comfortable frame of mind. Among all OOH formats, Airport Advertising Displays have the maximum time to impress. For example, Airport Advertising in India provides your brand with an audience dwell time of 55 minutes to 2 hours. Imagine the brand impact which 2 hours of visibility before an audience can do.

Air travel is also one of the most natural (and hence reliable) ways of separating the premium audience. Though, the entrance of low cost airlines have also included the upper middle class in the parameter of air travel, most of the regular air travelers still hold prominent positions in organizations and society. If your brand demands an elite audience, you do not need to look any farther than Airport Advertising. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Advertise before the ISL Football Fans at the Airports in India.

Airport Advertising in India has been receiving a unique crowd during the ongoing ISL (Indian Super League) football tournament. The airports at the venues for the matches are seeing a rise in the supporters of the teams playing there. Brands with presence at these airports are enjoying visibility before additional audiences, thanks to the largest football presentation of India.

Airport Advertising, Airport Advertising in India, Airport Advertising Agency in Delhi, Airport Advertising Agency in India
Airport Advertising Agency in India

Airports of cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Kochi, Pune and Goa have become the gateways for the venue of the popular football event. The ISL, which finally began its first tournament this year after many stymies, has gained much popularity to the delight of football fans. The love for football was always perceived to be limited to a few parts in India like West Bengal, Goa and the Northeast. The ISL shattered this misconception as fans from all parts of the country are turning up at the venues. Airport Advertising at the above places, now have large mobs of bustling fans storming the airports to cheer for their favorite team. It seems the recent development and expansion works at the airports could not have come at a better time. The larger and more developed terminals are easily holding the sudden increase in traffic, keeping the uncluttered environment intact.

Promoting your brand before football fans, who are full of enthusiasm, is always a good idea. An audience filled enthusiasm is a good receptor of brand messages. The humor, impact, and other emotions targeted by the Ad are automatically magnified in such cases. Contact the Airport Advertising Agency with rights at the airports of these venues to share the joy of ISL Football Tournament.