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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Advertising India is Gearing Up for the Holiday Season.

The brands in India are busy with the approaching holiday season. With them, the advertisers are also busy with the increased promotional activities of the brands. Advertising India is gearing up to handle the increased activity that the industry is set to witness in the period between September and January. The sudden rush of the season has set the tone of the industry to one of buzz and hectic marketing activities.

The expenditure of the Indian consumers increases by almost double during the festive seasons. This is one of the best times to attract Indian consumers who seem to roam the streets with the intent to buy. Thus, brands fall over each other to claim the attention of the consumers on the various platforms. The most prominent platforms which have been traditionally used by the brands to promote their products and services include Airport Advertising, Delhi Metro Advertising (for Delhi/NCR branches), Mall Spaces, and Outdoor Advertising. These platforms approach the audiences on ground and are the best ways of attracting consumers during these periods. Airports are the best places to catch the attention of the holiday crowd coming into the place. The next key points of advertising are the Outdoor locations, especially at and near the market places. The strategy is completed by advertising at the Mall Spaces which are the point of sales.

Advertise at the above Platforms during the sales season to get the benefits of high returns of investment. Associate with TDI International India (P) Limited for utilizing the strongest network of advertising sites across India.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Competition Is The Problem, Advertising The Solution

You must have seen even the biggest of brands investing fortunes in Advertising. So, why do even the brands which are household-names Advertise? The answer lies in the immense competition of the present day markets. No matter how big a brand your company is, there are numerous companies providing the same products or services. It is important to constantly stay in the view of the audience. Thus, Advertising is not just a luxury but a necessity for any company wishing to reach and stay in the limelight of success.

In order to have a better comprehension, let us consider an example. Suppose your company launches a revolutionary product or service. However, due to lack of or poor Advertising, it does not reach the audience. Your competitor then learns about this launch and puts in a resembling product or service and follows it up with excellent advertising. As a result of this, your competitor will take away the benefits of your hard work. Now, once the necessity of Advertising has been established, the second step is to decide the most appropriate medium of Advertising for your brand. While deciding from the range of Advertising Mediums like Airport Advertising and Metro Advertising among OOH Advertising, and Online Advertising, the most important step is segmentation of the audience. Once this is done and you realize the segments that you have to target, the medium of Advertising can be chosen.

The last, and quite logically, the most important step is to associate with a reputed Advertising Agency. You will be happily surprised to see what experienced Advertising Agencies like TDI International India Limited can do to boost your business.