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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Using Suspense in OOH Campaigns.

OOH Advertising or Outdoor Advertising ad copies have traditionally been brief and very straightforward. An outdoor audience has always been considered an audience on the go and messages aimed at them often require brevity and simplicity. However, in recent times, indirect messages have also been brilliantly used to get the message across. An OOH creative, with an indirect message, always commands more time of engagement from the audiences.

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The suspense, which is inherent in such Outdoor Campaigns, is created by delaying the punch line if a Digitized OOH Hoarding is available. In cases where digital technology is not available, the suspense can be created with riddled ad copies and graphics. And herein, lies the catch. One of the reasons, why indirect ad copies are not seen more regularly, is that such campaigns are not easy to pull off. If the indirectness becomes too confusing, you may end up with an ad which is not understood and hence ignored. There’s even a worse scenario where it is misunderstood and creates some kind of controversy. Hiring an experienced Outdoor Advertising Agency for running such campaigns is a smart move as they are best resourced to accurately predict the reaction of the audiences to the planned campaign.

Digitized OOH Hoardings offer an unlimited canvas to conceptualize and an easier method of execution. However, the traditional hoardings too can be utilized to create equally intriguing results. In most countries of world, where digitization of OOH has happened long back, the media has shed its straightforward cloak and it experiments with complicated plots and ideas. Countries like India are at the brink of such digitization and OOH India is expecting this transformation to happen as early as possible.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Outdoor Advertising in India Continues to Charm Audiences.

Outdoor Advertising India has seen glorious years of operation. The Wall Mounts, Hoardings, Billboards, etc., emphatically continue to catch the imagination of a nation apart from bringing in high Returns of Investment (ROI) for brands belonging to various industries. It has been a surprising observation to see OOH Advertising India continuing to prosper and expand in spite of the high enthusiasm for the digital medium too. Very interestingly, increase in interest for Advertising on the online medium has not resulted in decrease for the OOH platform.

The most apt case for studying the above phenomenon is TDI International India P Limited, the leading Advertising Agency in India, which pioneered Airport Advertising in India. TDI, today, provides services of Airport Advertising, Delhi Metro Advertising, Mall Activation, and Mobile and Internet Advertising. It has in fact a separate division called MAD (Mobile Advertising Division) to look after Online Advertising on the digital platform. TDI reports that the expansion of MAD has in no way affected the performance of its outdoor operations. TDI’s Outdoor Advertising clients still happily report high RoI from its Outdoor Advertising Campaigns at the airports and metro stations and from its Mall Activation. The scenario of Advertising India presents a rare opportunity for brands to effectively promote their brands on both the mediums.

One of the reasons for the above situation can be found in the way that the Indian consumers behave. They are armed with the latest devices that technology offers. The latest mobiles, laptops, etc. ensure that they can be targeted through this medium. But they are also still comfortable when the product or service and their ad displays are presented in manners that are tangible in some way or the other. Even while embracing the new schools of thought, the Indian audiences also hold close to their heart, what they have learnt from the previous generations.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Does an OOH Ad create a vibrant impression about the brand?

Brand owners increasingly implement their promotion campaigns through various outdoor advertising avenues. Mall Advertising, Airport Advertising, and Metro Advertising – all these avenues of OOH Advertising are becoming more and more popular amongst the brand owners. Why outdoor advertising has gained so much popularity? Why brand owners are making huge investment in various OOH Ad campaigns? These are few questions worth a discussion.

The impact created by a television ad is different from the impact created by a print ad. Television media is advantageous over other advertising mediums because of its audio-visual effect. Likewise, Outdoor Advertising also provides a different impact on target groups. The brand is presented to customers not only through a larger than life appeal but also with a unique appeal as something exclusive. Any OOH Ad display is therefore attractive and easily hits customers’ eyeballs.

The final brand message through an OOH media is also presented to customers in a colourful manner. This creates a vibrant impression about the brand on onlookers’ mind.  Customers who come across the brand ad take home a vibrant image about the advertised brand. It is also this very nature of outdoor advertising media that has made it a favorite advertising channel for maximum number of brand owners.

An OOH Ad display can also be accessed anytime without any time delay. The brand message is readily available for customers for days, weeks and even for months. Customers are often compelled to go through the ad display and find out the related deals about the advertised brand. If interested, they may visit the nearest store and purchase it, if not interested or found irrelevant to their choice or want, they may share the news with their friends and relatives. In both cases, the brand message is not missed by customers. This compelling feature of an OOH Ad display is also one reason why OOH Advertising is accredited as an effective means of brand promotion.