Thursday, 9 April 2015

What Makes DMRC the Best Platform for Brand Promotions?

DMRC Advertising enjoys a unique position among the promotional media in Delhi. So, what is about the metro medium which makes it a favorite of the brands in Delhi? Considering the dismal start which the medium saw when it was introduced, even its survival would have been considered as an achievement. Not only did DMRC survive as a promotional media, it is regularly mentioned among the top ways of advertising in Delhi.
Delhi Metro Advertising
Delhi Metro Advertising
Among the top reasons, for this noteworthy transformation, is the unparalleled reach and penetration of the medium. Meticulous planning by the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) has ensured that even the innermost pockets of Delhi and NCR are covered. Even as the organization has received worldwide acclaim, DMRC continues to map even more areas with newer metro stations and line extensions. The medium is in fact the best uncluttered media which can be used to reach practically any region in Delhi/NCR. Soon, the media houses and the brands began to realize the huge opportunities of localized advertising which DMRC could afford. Since then, DMRC Advertising has been the torchbearer of localized advertising in Delhi & NCR.

Another important point, which boasts the popularity of the platform, is that among all the forms of OOH, it is the medium where the displays have the opportunity of interacting with the audiences from the closest quarters. Additionally an average audience dwell time of 10-15 minutes provides ample opportunities for high impact branding.

DMRC Advertising combines the best of all the OOH media. It is the best way to tell your brand story in an uncluttered environment. Additionally, with its reach expanding in leaps and bounds, a world of good is being done to your brand’s area of exposure.  

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