Saturday, 19 January 2013

Multiple Benefits of OOH Advertising.!

Any form of brand advertising that reaches out to customers through an out of home media such as a billboard ad display, a wall poster ad, kiosk display; wall wrap etc. comes under outdoor advertising. One of the conventional modes yet still successfully implemented by various advertisers, outdoor advertising in India provides exclusive promotion solutions for various brands through outdoor media. Airport Advertising, Mall Advertising and Metro Advertising are three common avenues of outdoor branding. In this blog, let us discuss a few benefits of outdoor advertising in India and how it’s ideal for every brand owner to advertise his product through this media. 

Round the clock availability of brand message

An outdoor advertising media provides an omnipresent brand message to customers. Any OOH ad display is not temporary or periodic but rather consistent and non-stop. What is also endearing to find out is that most of the Outdoor Advertising displays have a captured audience. Those who come across an outdoor ad display cannot ignore or switch off the brand message. They read and take home the brand message. 

Cost effective investment

Every Advertising campaign is an investment for the brand owner to generate maximum sales. An outdoor advertising campaign is a smart investment for the brand owner. Most of the OOH ads are cost effective ways to reach out to potential customers and clients. In fact, an outdoor advertising display costs 80 percent less than television advertising, 60 percent less than print advertising and 50 percent less than radio advertising. 

State of art medium of communication

What differentiates an OOH ad display is the medium of communication used to convey the brand message. An OOH ad campaign is usually launched through state of art media that provides a rich impact about the brand on customers’ mind. Most of the modern tools of outdoor advertising are technologically updated which provide hassle free and exclusive branding solutions though rich media. 


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  2. Great Post...Thank you for writing this post...Outdoor media advertising reaches people on the go.OOH advertising is ideal for generating instant awareness and elevating the perception and credibility of a brand. This medium’s strong carry-over effects ensure that brand awareness levels strengthen over time.


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