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Monday, 11 March 2013

Why Mall Advertising?

Mall culture is fast evolving in India. Today, malls are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the country. This mushrooming growth of malls in the country marks the importance of Mall Advertising in India. Mall Advertising as compared to other outdoor tools of advertising is a different cup of tea. Mall advertisers aim at providing more than advertising impressions to its target group.

Why people come to malls?

A demographic survey of consumer behavior analyses that different age groups come to malls for different reasons. However, most of these audiences are somehow related to advertisement and ease of shopping or cultural industry. Few reasons are highlighted here:

  1. Children who belong to the age group between 5 and 15 years come to malls to buy toys. They come there because they either saw ads in Television or come there as their friends tell them.
  2. Youths who fall in the age category of 15-25 come at the malls to chill out and have fun as well as to show off.
  3. Adults who fall in the age group of 25-45 come at the malls to shop, dine or to watch movies (these audiences are the general target audience of mall advertisers).
  4. Elders who fall in the ager group of 45 and above are mostly audiences who come to shopping malls with rekindled interests to either enjoy their leisure time or to indulge in shopping and related experiences.

Let us now take a sneak preview about the features of Mall Advertising in India:

  1. Attractive ambiance: Shopping malls provide an attractive ambiance for any Advertising campaign. Everyone loves visiting malls and advertising at malls surely gets noticed because of its alluring vibes.

  1. Stunning visual displays: Mall advertising is enriched with stunning visual displays which attract a wide range of audiences. Malls are the finest locations where the best of outdoor advertising tools and techniques can be deployed.

  1. Exclusive spot: People come to malls to shop, watch movies or just to hang around which make malls an exclusive spot for the audience.

  1. A hang-out place: Even when you don’t have to shop, malls offer the right gathering place where people can just hang around and have fun.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Does an OOH Ad create a vibrant impression about the brand?

Brand owners increasingly implement their promotion campaigns through various outdoor advertising avenues. Mall Advertising, Airport Advertising, and Metro Advertising – all these avenues of OOH Advertising are becoming more and more popular amongst the brand owners. Why outdoor advertising has gained so much popularity? Why brand owners are making huge investment in various OOH Ad campaigns? These are few questions worth a discussion.

The impact created by a television ad is different from the impact created by a print ad. Television media is advantageous over other advertising mediums because of its audio-visual effect. Likewise, Outdoor Advertising also provides a different impact on target groups. The brand is presented to customers not only through a larger than life appeal but also with a unique appeal as something exclusive. Any OOH Ad display is therefore attractive and easily hits customers’ eyeballs.

The final brand message through an OOH media is also presented to customers in a colourful manner. This creates a vibrant impression about the brand on onlookers’ mind.  Customers who come across the brand ad take home a vibrant image about the advertised brand. It is also this very nature of outdoor advertising media that has made it a favorite advertising channel for maximum number of brand owners.

An OOH Ad display can also be accessed anytime without any time delay. The brand message is readily available for customers for days, weeks and even for months. Customers are often compelled to go through the ad display and find out the related deals about the advertised brand. If interested, they may visit the nearest store and purchase it, if not interested or found irrelevant to their choice or want, they may share the news with their friends and relatives. In both cases, the brand message is not missed by customers. This compelling feature of an OOH Ad display is also one reason why OOH Advertising is accredited as an effective means of brand promotion.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

On the art of Outdoor Advertising!

Outdoor Advertising is one of the conventional means of promoting a brand, business or service among target groups. An outdoor advertising media provides a larger than life impact on target groups because of which it provides a good brand recall on customers’ mind. A particular company or agency that provides promotion solutions through OOH media is commonly known as an outdoor advertising company or outdoor advertising agency. Billboard outdoor advertising, innovative media outdoor advertising, Airport advertising, Mall advertising, Metro Advertising etc. are some forms of brand promotion through OOH media.

An Outdoor Advertising company or outdoor advertising agency plays an important role while providing branding solution for a brand owner. It is the very agency that comes up with brilliant ideas of positioning the brand among target groups. The same agency also works on the different tactics of successfully positioning the brand in the market. Most of the outdoor advertising displays present a brilliant brand message couple by an attractive eye-catching graphic. Also because of it’s larger than life impact, an outdoor advertising display forms a positive impression on customers’ mind about the product. 

Many brand owners have opted for billboard outdoor Advertising and innovative media outdoor advertising. An OOH ad display can easily influence the buying behavior of maximum number of customers. It is for this very reason that maximum numbers of brand owners these days prefer an OOH campaign of their products. Besides, an outdoor advertising campaign is also a cost effective means of promotion. Brand owners can decide their own budget and launch the campaign through an outdoor medium that best suits the objective of the campaign and also the budget. An outdoor advertising campaign consistently provides the brand message among audiences. This way, it is possible for every brand owner to provide high brand recall value on customers’ mind through an OOH ad display.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mall & Metro Advertising in Delhi- A Look!

Mall Advertising and DMRC Advertising or Metro Rail Delhi Advertising are two most practiced avenues of outdoor advertising in the city. Many outdoor advertisers in Delhi provide exclusive promotion solutions for various brands through mall advertising and DMRC Advertising. In this blog, let us take a look at a few reasons why Metro Rail Delhi Advertising and DLF Mall advertising are two fast growing OOH Avenues among the advertisers in the city. 

DLF Malls are one of the most visited shopping outlets in Delhi. The presence of various showrooms in these DLF Malls along with various means of entertainment and eating outlets make them favorite hangout places for individuals. Those who visit any DLF mall usually have good spending capacity for any brand. Targeting their attention through a DLF mall ad display is a smart tactic of easily positioning the brand on customers’ mind. Mall ads display at times also play the role of a store locator for various customers who newly visit a particular DLF Mall. Customers also avail of various sales and discounts about their favorite brands all through the mall ad displays. 

DMRC Advertising is indeed a fast growing sector of outdoor advertising in the city. Many brand owners make sure that they create a presence of their brands at the various metro stations in the city. With lakhs of commuters traveling by the metro rail, it is easier to target at least thousands of customers through a metro ad display. Metro advertising practices are expected to increase in the near future as more and more metro stations are coming up in the city. It’s never too late to start implementing a good promotional strategy for one’s brand. So, for those brand owners, who have not yet tried Delhi Metro Advertising, it’s the right time to advertise their products at the various metro stations in the city.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Advancement of Mall Advertising Practices in India.

During the recent years, an upsurge has been observed in the entire OOH domain. More brand owners are launching their promotion campaigns through mall media. The practice of mall advertising in India as one of the outdoor avenues is expected to grow further. In today’s blog, let us take a look at some reasons why there is an upsurge of advertising in Malls in most of the Indian states. 

Growing market

The brand market keeps growing. More brands have been launched and more are yet to be launched in the market. The fantastic growth in the brand market has provided outdoor advertisers richer opportunities to advertise their brands through multiple avenues of Outdoor Advertising amongst which mall media is one. A shopping mall is the place where customers often visit to shop, dine, watch movies or simply to hang out with friends or families. If an Outdoor Advertising agency runs a promotion campaign of its client’s product in the shopping mall, it becomes easier to grasp the passing attention of those potential customers who visit the mall for the above mentioned purposes. 

Affluent customers

Those who visit a shopping mall are people who can easily spend for any brand. Targeting the attention of these affluent customers, a mall ad display provides a striking impression about the brand most often encouraging them to buy or adopt that product. It is obvious that if the brand message sounds quite alluring, customers do not bother how much they should spend for the brand. This readiness to spend is perhaps one of the main reasons that encourage outdoor advertisers to launch more campaigns at the shopping malls.
Mall Advertising in India as a fast growing avenue of outdoor mode of Brand Promotion is going to become more popular amongst the brand owners as one of the in-demand means of brand promotion. If you are a brand owner who hasn’t yet launched a promotion campaign through mall media, you can consult one such advertising agency that has in-depth expertise and experience in mall advertising.