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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Outdoor Promotion - A Rampant Practice among Modern Advertisers!

Ever wondered why outdoor advertising is in much demand these days? The various avenues of outdoor advertising such as Airport Advertising, mall advertising, metro advertising and billboard advertising have become quite popular. Most of the brands and business owners adopt at least one of the forms of outdoor advertising to promote or position their brands in the market. With a major leap observed in OOH Advertising domain over the last few years, new brand and business owners are also keen to try out the various modes of advertising through OOH media.

The digitization of OOH Advertising tools, the launch of brand new technologically enriched mediums and the expansion of various OOH avenues have collectively encouraged more brand and business owners to implement their promotion campaigns through OOH media. Mall advertising and Airport Advertising practices are growing at a fast pace. Frequented by lakhs of affluent customers on a daily basis, shopping malls and airport areas are two such places where one can effectively communicate the brand message to potential target customers.

Most of the Indian cities are also populated by various forms of outdoor advertising. From billboard ads to kiosk ads and hoardings, even the small towns across the country are populated by various OOH ad displays. Communicating to a larger audience has indeed become easier with modern OOH Advertising tools.

In metro politan cities, the scenario of Outdoor Advertising is a little different. Posh brands usually prefer to create their presence in the major Indian cities. Real estate companies, health companies, banks and travel companies in the big cities are also highly relying on the various means of outdoor advertising. The reason is pretty obvious. 

People in the metropolis have more spending capacity than those at the towns or villages. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad etc. are fast growing markets where outdoor advertisers make their presence felt through innovative OOH campaigns.

Friday, 3 May 2013

A Look at the Growing Avenues of OOH Advertising.

Advertising in India as a full-fledged sector has been continually growing.  Outdoor promotion domain as a part of advertising industry is also growing day by day. In the last few years, various avenues of OOH Advertising have also been introduced that have benefited many brand and business owners. This blog provides a brief insight about advertising in India through outdoor media. Keep reading.

By Outdoor Advertising, we have a vivid idea about billboard ad displays, hoardings, posters or wall paintings, kiosk displays etc. An outdoor advertising company provides all the necessary input to launch an OOH Advertising campaign. From conceptualization of brand message to the final launch of the advertising campaign, an Outdoor Advertising company takes the sole responsibility. Media research is another major task handled by an outdoor advertising company. Media research is an important criterion for every outdoor advertising campaign to be launched. The medium of advertising and its attractiveness decide how much impact the campaign provides among target customers.

Airport Advertising is one of the fast growing avenues of outdoor industry. Airport advertising practices are increasing day by day across the country. Airport Advertising provides uncluttered brand message to target customers which is one of the reasons why many brand and business owners try to launch many promotion campaigns via airport media. Airport Advertising also targets customers who have easy spending capacity for any brand. It is also for this very reason that big MNCs spend on airport advertising to promote their products or services among target groups.

Mall Advertising is another popular avenue of promoting brands or businesses through outdoor media. Mall Advertising is considered an effective avenue of outdoor industry. A mall ad display easily attracts the passing attention of visitors in a particular shopping mall. Most of the malls advertising campaigns are launched through rich media. Thus mall ads provide a rich impression about the advertised brand or service on customers’ mind. The mushrooming number of brands in the market and the changing lifestyle of modern customers are two factors that support the growth of mall advertising in various Indian cities or towns.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Digital Outdoor Advertising Display - In Trend!

An Advertising display through OOH media which is also known as OOH Display is visible everywhere around any city in India. A billboard advertising display, airport advertising display, mall ad display, metro ad display etc. are categorized under outdoor advertising displays. A billboard advertising display is seen at the highway, at the traffic point, at a shopping mall or at any location where the OOH Display fits. Billboard advertising display is one of the conventional modes of brand promotion through OOH media. Ensured to provide a larger than life impact on customers’ mind a billboard advertising display is the most adopted means of outdoor advertising. An airport advertising display could also be a billboard ad. In fact, it can be summed up that billboard ads are anywhere or everywhere. 

Over the last few years, Outdoor Advertising displays have gone through a technological makeover. Today, most of the OOH displays are digitalized. Providing a richer impression about the brand on customers’ mind, a modern OOH display is a preferred choice of communication for various brand owners. Digital media has almost replaced conventional OOH tools especially in the metropolitan cities in India. Delhi is one of the hubs where digital outdoor advertising campaigns are much in trend. There are many key players in OOH domain among which TDI International India P Limited is also one. 

TDI is one of India’s leading Airport advertising and OOH media service providers. With its presence at the airports, luxury shopping malls, metros and various outdoor location all across the country, TDI provides all-encompassing promotion solutions through various outdoor means of advertising. Established in 1986, TDI is also India’s largest Airport advertising Media Operators. TDI stands apart from other OOH Advertising agencies in its innovative approach and techniques of promotion. Well equipped to provide a complete range of OOH media services that include planning, buying, execution, scientific monitoring etc. TDI is one such agency that provides ‘exclusive’ branding solutions for its various clients. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

On the art of Outdoor Advertising!

Outdoor Advertising is one of the conventional means of promoting a brand, business or service among target groups. An outdoor advertising media provides a larger than life impact on target groups because of which it provides a good brand recall on customers’ mind. A particular company or agency that provides promotion solutions through OOH media is commonly known as an outdoor advertising company or outdoor advertising agency. Billboard outdoor advertising, innovative media outdoor advertising, Airport advertising, Mall advertising, Metro Advertising etc. are some forms of brand promotion through OOH media.

An Outdoor Advertising company or outdoor advertising agency plays an important role while providing branding solution for a brand owner. It is the very agency that comes up with brilliant ideas of positioning the brand among target groups. The same agency also works on the different tactics of successfully positioning the brand in the market. Most of the outdoor advertising displays present a brilliant brand message couple by an attractive eye-catching graphic. Also because of it’s larger than life impact, an outdoor advertising display forms a positive impression on customers’ mind about the product. 

Many brand owners have opted for billboard outdoor Advertising and innovative media outdoor advertising. An OOH ad display can easily influence the buying behavior of maximum number of customers. It is for this very reason that maximum numbers of brand owners these days prefer an OOH campaign of their products. Besides, an outdoor advertising campaign is also a cost effective means of promotion. Brand owners can decide their own budget and launch the campaign through an outdoor medium that best suits the objective of the campaign and also the budget. An outdoor advertising campaign consistently provides the brand message among audiences. This way, it is possible for every brand owner to provide high brand recall value on customers’ mind through an OOH ad display.