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Thursday, 29 November 2012

How Outdoor Advertising practices are gaining quick popularity?

It has been well noted that various outdoor advertising practices are gaining quick popularity amongst the brand owners and advertisers. Providing a strong impact amongst customers in a cost-effective manner, an OOH Advertising display is undeniably one of the most effective means of positioning a brand or business. Today’s blog focuses on how Outdoor Advertising practices in India have become one of the popular means of promoting a brand, service or business. 

Indians lead a very colorful lifestyle. Come festive season, they would spend quality time with near and dear ones either shopping or hanging out. Shopping is indeed a major part and parcel of celebrating any festival in India. An OOH Advertising media ensures that the brand message reaches out to those customers who are ready to spend for the advertised brand provided it reflects a rich impact on customers’ mind.  It is therefore worth mentioning that in order to allure customers’ attention; the brand owner has to present the brand message in an interesting manner through an interactive media. 

One of the effective channels of launching an OOH campaign of a brand is through billboard media. Billboard Advertising has recently become popular amongst the brand owners to launch their promotion campaigns. The cost effectiveness of launching a promotion campaign through billboard advertising media is one of the main reasons for its recent success. A billboard ad display provides 24 hours exposure of the brand message amongst target groups which is yet another major asset of advertising through this OOH media. Also an affordable means of Outdoor Advertising, billboard ads grab the passing attention of customers like no other form of OOH Advertising. Despite the fact that it is a cost-effective means of advertising, billboard ads generate strong brand awareness and recall amongst the target groups. All in all the colorful, creative and eye-catching ad displays of brands through billboard media provide a rich impact about the brand on customers’ mind. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Is Out Of Home Advertising really effective?

An out of home promotion activity of a brand or business is known as outdoor advertising or OOH Advertising. Despite the fact that outdoor advertising is a conventional means of advertising, many advertisers find it one of the most effective mediums of communication in today’s time.  There are many avenues of advertising through outdoor media. Airport Advertising, Mall Advertising, Metro Advertising, Billboard Advertising, Transit Advertising etc. are some of the forms of promoting brands or businesses through outdoor media. Outdoor Advertising is an advantageous means of promoting a brand, business or service. By implementing the right tactics of outdoor branding, one can benefit a lot from this medium of communication.  Following are a few advantages of OOH Advertising.

Easily attracts customers

An Outdoor Advertising display is one of the easiest means to attract customers. An OOH ad display is usually placed at the roadside, at the traffic point, highway, near flyover, shopping complexes, cinema halls etc. These venues are frequented by customers for personal or professional purposes. By placing the ad display at these venues, customers can easily access the brand message.

All-time availability of brand message

Besides its attractive features, an OOH Advertising display is advantageous for the very fact that it provides all-time availability of brand message among target groups. Those who viewed the brand message in the morning find the same ad display at the same spot. This provides an easy brand recall on their mind and makes them more curious to find out the detail of the brand. It has been surveyed on that Outdoor Advertising ad displays about sales or discounts are found very beneficial by customers who seldom watch television ads or listen to radio. Especially during festival season, OOH ads are genuinely relied on by customers. Some OOH ads provide direction to store rooms that help customers to a great deal.