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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

An Interactive Airport Ad is a Productive Ad.

One of the elements that Airport Advertising is popularly exploring is the interactivity of the ads. Simple boards announcing the launch of a product no longer define Airport Advertising completely. Once the Billboard Displays at the Airport began to use modern technologies, the traditional ways to advertise have undergone a sea change in their approach and outlook.

The primary theory behind the Interactive Airports Advertisements is simple. An ad which engages the audience, emotionally or physically has a much higher impact than an ad which merely announces something. What was started with engaging ad copies have taken a full bloom as Airport Ads now provide opportunities for the audience to be a part of the advertisement. The Top Airport Advertising Agencies of India are now realizing the importance and high impact of Product Displays. What was started in the Indian Airports by TDI International India P Limited, a pioneer Airport Advertising Agency in India, has gained huge popularity in the world of Airport Advertising. TDI was the first to put a car on an Airport Billboard, thereby taking the concept of Product Display Ads to a whole new level. Such innovation, targeted at increasing interactivity, has increased the interest level of the audience by several bars. At a recent car display at the Ahmedabad Airport by TDI, curious and delighted audiences were seen peeking inside the car and posing for photographs.

Airport Advertising is known for the minimum 55 minutes of viewership which it allows. In today’s busy times, that is a luxury for any brand. Interactive Airport Ads smartly utilizes these 55 minutes with Product Display Spaces. For capable Airport Advertising Agencies like TDI, the size of the product is no hindrance.