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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

OOH – The Grandest Portal for Advertising

outdoor advertising in india
OOH (Out-of-Home) or Outdoor Advertising is one of the most popular mediums of branding in modern times. However, the medium, in itself, is one of the oldest in the advertising world. Charting a successful run which started before Christ, OOH has been at the top of popularity among brands throughout time. Be it during the earlier times, when there were only limited opportunities of OOH Displays, or the present times when uncluttered sites of high impact viewership is more commonly present, OOH has always been the grandest portal for advertising.

outdoor advertising agency in delhiSome of the most important reasons for OOH’s rule include strong carry-over effects, ability to reach audiences at their hubs, high brand retention, and lower costs. Though OOH mediums like Airport Advertising do fall under the higher end media, every benefit of OOH also increases, which accounts for their popularity. Among all the available branding media, OOH is the only one which has always been at the height of demands. It has not only adjusted to all the changes which were required by the industry, but also continued providing the best Branding solutions to brands from various industry sectors. Developed outdoors, roads, transit systems and transit stations have provided major boosts to OOH Advertising, arming it with even more firepower.

outdoor advertising in indiaOutdoor Advertising Displays are popular among people of all areas and regions. An OOH canvas has the power to attract people across the globe and across all timelines. An OOH Hoarding sits, at the highest vantage point of the surroundings, from where your brand can impress its target audiences.    

Saturday, 8 March 2014

If Hypnosis Is Your Goal, OOH is Your Medium

The Advertising Media has timeless tales of campaigns that woo the audience beyond the actual viewing period. Among them, the OOH Medium is the torchbearer in this regard, with some of them creating classy environments of a magical aura. OOH Advertising has been known to produce such campaigns from time to time that stand apart from the others. These are campaigns that impress the viewers in such a manner that they leave a lasting impression on them. It has been observed that there are more instances of hypnotizing ads in the OOH Medium than any other medium.

One of the topmost reasons for OOH Medium being the best platform for such ads of high impact is their larger than life canvas. The larger-than-life Hoardings have a way of inspiring awe and wonder simply by the size of the displays. Another prominent technique utilized by the OOH Displays is to use the lightning of the surroundings in ways that create environments straight out of fairy tales. If employed in the correct manner, even the simplest of displays can create music in the eyes of the onlooker. Thirdly, some of the OOH Media, like Airport Advertising Displays, are placed at places with high dwell times, due to which, the number of continuous looks are much higher than the other media, resulting in the higher levels of exposure.

Top Advertising Agencies, as well as brands, know that there is no media that can defeat OOH in matters of the impact created. This is why OOH continues to revel in endorsements by the top brands, all over the world.