Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Outdoor Advertising Depends Heavily on the Strength of Network

Outdoor Advertising, due to its nature of involving a lot of on-field work, depends heavily on the strength of the network of the advertising agency. Growth in the business of Outdoor Advertising requires an expanded area of implementation. The larger the area of your Outdoor Advertising Agency’s operation, the better the chances that it will be able to provide solutions to your branding requirements.

This is especially true for agencies operating in India. With the diversity which it is known for, India presents a genuine challenge for the networks of Outdoor Advertising Agencies trying to run pan India campaigns. Apart from the geographic and climatic differences, the decentralized system of government also means that the rules regulating the sites also vary. Thus, it is imperative that the agency has a strong control over all its units operating at the different parts of India. Considering that even the languages are different in the different parts of the country, it requires a high set of skills to interact with and manage such a diverse group of operation personals.
One of the Top Outdoor Advertising Agencies in India, which has been managing this network with panache since 1986, is TDI International India (P) Limited. What started with just one airport is now an elaborate network of 9 airports, Delhi Metro Stations, mall activations and outdoor sites across the length and breadth of the country. The efficiency and strength of TDI’s network is evident from the fact that the agency holds the record for the fastest implementation of campaigns from the time of signing of the contract.     


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