Monday, 21 April 2014

Delhi Metro Advertising to be fuelled by 67 New Metro Stations

Delhi Metro Advertising is set to receive 67 new Metro Stations with the completion of Phase III. The phase, which is being completed at a fast pace, is set to provide newer avenues to the brands that endorse DMRC Advertising. Trial runs have already begun on the completed stretches like Central Secretariat and Mandi House. Looking at the speed of operations, DMRC is set to complete the phase well before the designated deadline of 2016.

The completion of the phase will mean that the brands will have newer sites for blowing their trumpets from. The popular Advertising Medium is set to enter newer territory as the Delhi Metro system maps more territory under its operation with each phase. This translates into more choices for the brands. Phase III will provide further boost the growth of Delhi Metro Advertising, a medium that has recently captivated the imagination of leading brands. The inclusion of newer stations will also bring more categories of audiences into the ambit of the medium, bringing in opportunities for more brands.

Both the Delhi Metro Advertising Agencies and the brands are eagerly waiting for the construction of all the lines in the phase to be completed. For the brands that are looking for benefits of Local Advertising in the Metro Medium, the inauguration of stations near the establishments will offer ample opportunities for high impact sites.

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