Friday, 1 November 2013

Metro Advertising India Growing in Popularity

Ever since DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) began operations on December 24, 2002, the way commuters in the NCR traveled has never been the same. The thirteenth largest metro station in the world (in terms of length) offers excellent opportunities for OOH Advertising (Out-of-Home Advertising). DMRC’s potential as an advertising goldmine was realized by Indian OOH giants like TDI International India P Limited as early as 2005. With a daily ridership exceeding 20 lakh, Delhi Metro Advertising has a high viewership. The rapid rate at which DMRC has grown and the popularity of the Metro Station Ads show a promising future for Advertising at the Metro Stations.

It has been found that using mobile phones and reading ads figure among the top ways how commuters passed their time at the stations. High concentration zones and superior visibility feature among the prominent reasons for the popularity and success of the Ads at the Metro Stations. Due to the structure of the metro stations, the ads can be conveniently placed in such ways that the commuters cannot miss them. And this viewership is not just any viewership that we are talking about. According to a recent survey taken by the Times of India, around 62.5% of the total metro ridership that took part were office-going professionals and students. For most of the brands, they form the most prized audience. The earning members with the power to buy and the young generation with the affinity to buy, added with a minimum of 6 minutes which they spend at the metro station, combine to make Metro Advertising one of the most sought after forms of advertising. Thus, advertisement contracts for sites outside the metro stations, on the platforms, at the staircases / elevators, and at the entrances and exits of the stations sell out faster than hot cakes.

Another factor which aids in the popularity of DMRC Advertising is that it is a long term investment. With the corporation expanding at phenomenal speeds, the ridership and thus the viewership is also set to increase. It is expected that the average ridership of Delhi Metro will cross 40 lakhs by 2016 with a CAGR (Combined Annual Growth Rate) of 20.1%. Associate with a top DMRC Advertising Agency like TDI to turn the gaze of this fast growing audience towards your brand.

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