Monday, 8 April 2013

Three frequently used OOH media channels!

A brand owner can adopt multiple media channels to advertise his brand. Brand Advertising is not limited to a single or limited media. An advertiser can launch the same brand promotion campaign through various mediums provided he can afford the ad cost of launching the campaign through multiple mediums. Through this blog, let us have a brief idea about three common media channels used for launching an OOH Advertising campaign.


Billboard Advertising is the most common OOH advertising practice. Billboards are of two types- ordinary and digital billboards. Ordinary billboards were used as conventional tools of outdoor advertising. In contemporary OOH advertising practices, digital billboards have replaced conventional billboards. Digital billboards are manually operated and one of its added benefits is that the advertiser can make changes in his ad copy or design whenever he wishes to do so (or when there is any such requirement).

Electronic kiosks

Earlier Kiosks were used as ordinary tools of launching an OOH Ad campaign. The usages of kiosks were limited to some specific locations. However, with the technological advancement, electronic kiosks are in vogue at present. These kiosks are seen in and around cinema halls, shopping malls, road sides etc. Considered as one of the effective tools of contemporary OOH advertising, electronic kiosks are widely used by maximum number of outdoor advertisers.

Backlit translits 

Backlit translits are amongst the commonly used tools of Outdoor Advertising at present. These outdoor advertising tools are seen at shopping malls, metro stations, airports, bus shelters etc. Backlit translits are also widely used by outdoor advertisers as these tools provide effective brand message to passing customers.

The usage of Outdoor advertising tools is not limited to a few. From time to time and with each technological induction various OOH advertising tools will further be introduced in the market.

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