Friday, 22 March 2013

Why OOH advertising is a favourite among advertisers?

A form of brand communication that is accessed through an out of home medium or channel is known as outdoor advertising. Outdoor Advertising is a conventional means of promotion. However, the tools of this medium of advertising have been redefined and renovated over the years. Earlier, traditional billboards, wall paintings or posters, ordinary hoardings etc. were the common means of OOH Advertising. All these have been replaced by digitalized tools such as digital billboards, LCD/LED displays, Electronic Kiosks etc. Outdoor Advertising is quite beneficial for any type of brand or business. Following are a few advantages of OOH Advertising.

Always in the public domain

An outdoor advertising display is always in the public domain which makes it easily noticeable by passersby. For example, a billboard ad display at the traffic point easily grasps customers’ passing attention. One cannot ignore something that is flashy and eye-catching. Thus, it easily draws attention from customers and conveys the brand message. An OOH Advertising display is available round the clock, week and even month. Repeated exposure of brand message also provides good brand recall to customers.

OOH Advertising is open for all advertisers               

Another added advantage of outdoor advertising is its cost which is open to all advertisers- small or large.  Outdoor Advertising is a less expensive medium than Television and Print. Small business owners can even opt for outdoor media to promote their services in the market.

Expanding avenues and continuous growth

The growing avenues of OOH Advertising India have provided many lucrative opportunities to brand owners to promote their brands at premium locations such as airports and shopping malls. Metro advertising is another raging practice among the Indian cities where metro rail services are available. These growing avenues of OOH Advertising India have provided advertisers various options to choose the right medium of promoting their business in the market.

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