Thursday, 17 January 2013

Competitive Advantages of Outdoor Advertising

In this blog, a few competitive advantages of Outdoor Advertising are provided. Take a look.

Easily noticeable

An OOH Advertising display comes under the easy notice of target customers. Those who drive from office to home or vice versa get easy access to any type of OOH Ad display that is located on their way. A brand message that is easily noticed by customers has many chances of winning their attention and affection later. If the message is repeatedly viewed for a continuous number of days (which is very possible), good brand recall is naturally formed among target customers. 

All-time availability

One of the main advantages of launching an outdoor advertising campaign of a brand or business is its all-time availability of brand message. An OOH Advertising display is indeed available for days, weeks and even months that make customers generate a good awareness about the advertised brand. The best part of an Outdoor Advertising display is that if the brand message could not be earlier read properly, one can revisit the same site and access the same information. This way most of the customers tend to form a positive impression about the product and how its message is accessible to them.

Uncluttered means of communication

An OOH advertising display is not cluttered which means customers can easily grasp what is conveyed through a particular OOH Ad display. Enhanced by a rich graphic and catchy copy, an OOH Ad display easily attracts the passing attention of customers. For example, customers who visit a shopping mall are attracted by the OOH ad displays in and around the mall. They get glued to the many brand messages that surround them. If encouraged or impressed, they would consider of buying those brands of their choice. In this manner, it can also be concluded that an OOH Ad display can also encourage customers to buy the product then and there.

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