Wednesday, 10 June 2015

TDI International joins hands with Alibaba.com to become its 1st Channel Partner in India

TDI International India (P) Limited, one of the most experienced and well known advertising agencies in India, and Alibaba.com, the leading platform for global wholesale trade under Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA), today announced the parties’ collaboration. TDI has been selected as Alibaba.com’s first official Channel Partner in India. This partnership will allow TDI’s mobile and internet vertical, MAD (Mobile & Internet Advertising Division), to sell Alibaba.com’s Gold Membership packages to the small-and-medium sized businesses in India.

Bhushan Patil, Channel Director, Alibaba.com in India said, “We are pleased to select TDI International India (P) Limited, to be our channel partner for India. TDI’s mobile and internet advertising vertical’s technical expertise, along with the presence across the country will help Alibaba.com reach to more small businesses across India.” Mr. Sudheesh Nair, Channel leader from India for Alibaba.com, also echoed the views and welcomed TDI to Alibaba.com’s partner family.

Tdiindia partner with Alibaba
TDIIndia Partnership with Alibaba

Management at TDI are also excited about the prospect which the tie-up has brought in. The advertising agency is well known across the length and breadth of India. Apart from the 9 airports and 73 Delhi Metro Stations where it has exclusive rights, TDI’s Media Services is known for its ability to put brand displays on Outdoor sites across the country. The agency is highly experienced with the country’s SME sector through its mobile and internet division also and has many patrons from the sector.

Hiyav Bajaj, M.D. of TDI said, “We have been the leader of Outdoor Advertising in India since 1986 and the tie-up with Alibaba.com is a natural progress in the digital field. We believe that this partnership has got a potential of changing the SME scenario in a big way and contribute to the Make in India” vision of the current government.”
Bajaj added, “The partnership brings in an unparalleled opportunity for the Indian SMEs to export their products to buyers across the world and thereby contribute to the “Make in India” program initiated by Mr. Narendra Modi, the honorable Prime Minister of India. The Indian SMEs can hereby conveniently enroll themselves as Gold Members of Alibaba.com and find buyers from across the world. Through Alibaba.com, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms for buyers and sellers around the word, the Indian SMEs will immensely benefit from the arrangement. We have a strong pan-Indian Team which is being trained up for this partnership.”

Sanjay Sharma, Global Head of TDI says, “We have a great vision for this partnership and we will be covering the entire Indian geography with skilled feet on street, selling Alibaba.com’s Gold Supplier packages.  Over 4.46 million Indian SMEs leverage Alibaba.com platform for cross border trade opportunities. For Indian suppliers, Alibaba.com Gold Membership offers many features to showcase them to buyers across the world. Features like displaying multiple products,  company profile & exploring thousands of buying opportunities on Alibaba.com can help improve trade for Indian SMEs. With Alibaba.com and Tdi India, the value of platform can be taken to more small and medium enterprises and across India.”

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Why Advertise at the Cochin Airport?

Cochin is situated in the South West state of Kerala in India. It is one of the most important places in the south and is the business capital of Kerala. Cochin Airport Advertising brings high visibility to your brand at one of the most crucial hubs of business activity in the southern parts of India. Let us look at some of the benefits which will arise out of placing your brand at the indoor and outdoor sites in Cochin Airport.

High Traffic Rate

Cochin Airport is the 6th largest airport in India and the largest airport in Kerala. It has an annual traffic of 6.2 million travelers which is growing at a rate of 17%. Advertising at Cochin Airport places your brand before an affluent audience which numbers in millions. It is also one of the largest handlers of chartered flights in India. When you can command visibility before 6.2 million annual travelers belonging to SEC A and SEC A+ section of society, it becomes an automatic selection for your marketing campaigns.

Airport Advertising
Cochin Airport Advertising

Both Domestic & International Audiences

Both the domestic and international terminals of Cochin airport keep pretty busy throughout the year. When it’s not those traveling for business, there are the tourists. A survey, conducted for Outlook Traveled magazine by Nielson Company, ranked Cochin as the 6th best tourist destination in India. The airport is also well connected to all Gulf, Europe, Middle East, and Far East areas as well as all major Indian cities.

The above are some of the major reasons why the giants of Textiles, Banking/Finance, Tourism, Jewellery, Media etc., advertise regularly at Cochin. Some of the well known names which TDI (the media owner at Chennai airport), states as patrons are Muthoot, Manappuram, South Indian Bank, Malayala Manorama, Joyalukkas, Josco, Kalyan, Skyline, and many more. The Airport Advertising Agency, with rights at the Cochin airport, has now made the online selection of sites at the Cochin Airport possible. This is set to further increase the popularity of the airport among the brands.

Friday, 24 April 2015

What is the Biggest Priority for an Outdoor Advertising Agency in India Now?

Outdoor Advertising Agencies have the unique task of maintaining the oldest platform of promotional activities known to mankind. The foremost step, in ensuring that Outdoor Advertising (OOH) survived and excelled throughout the years, has been the continuous adoption of the latest technologies. This has been a priority requirement for adapting to the changing nature of markets over time. The current period marks another phase in the history of Outdoor Advertising in India when a major adoption is required. This required change in modus operandi is the integration of the mobiles into the functioning of the OOH Billboards and Hoardings.

The mobile revolution has firmly hit across the generational and socioeconomic divides in India. It is very important that the Outdoor Media integrates itself with the mobile platform in order to create further reach and higher impact. The West is already seeing executions of OOH Campaigns where mobiles and handsets of the audiences are being extensively used. The integration opens up unlimited ways of sending the brand message to the viewers in a personalized manner. Before the integration, the brand message was almost always passed in a general manner. But use of the mobiles enables the brand to personalize the message so that it creates the maximum impact. The OOH Hoardings and displays then can serve the purpose of grabbing the attention of the audiences while their mobiles can be used to perpetuate the intended message. Getting connected to the mobiles can also serve the purpose of creating a database and a long term relationship with the target groups.

The major OOH Agencies in India are hoping that the regulating authorities take the urgency of the situation in account and allow for the modifications necessary for the digitization of the medium and integration of the mobiles.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

What Makes DMRC the Best Platform for Brand Promotions?

DMRC Advertising enjoys a unique position among the promotional media in Delhi. So, what is about the metro medium which makes it a favorite of the brands in Delhi? Considering the dismal start which the medium saw when it was introduced, even its survival would have been considered as an achievement. Not only did DMRC survive as a promotional media, it is regularly mentioned among the top ways of advertising in Delhi.
Delhi Metro Advertising
Delhi Metro Advertising
Among the top reasons, for this noteworthy transformation, is the unparalleled reach and penetration of the medium. Meticulous planning by the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) has ensured that even the innermost pockets of Delhi and NCR are covered. Even as the organization has received worldwide acclaim, DMRC continues to map even more areas with newer metro stations and line extensions. The medium is in fact the best uncluttered media which can be used to reach practically any region in Delhi/NCR. Soon, the media houses and the brands began to realize the huge opportunities of localized advertising which DMRC could afford. Since then, DMRC Advertising has been the torchbearer of localized advertising in Delhi & NCR.

Another important point, which boasts the popularity of the platform, is that among all the forms of OOH, it is the medium where the displays have the opportunity of interacting with the audiences from the closest quarters. Additionally an average audience dwell time of 10-15 minutes provides ample opportunities for high impact branding.

DMRC Advertising combines the best of all the OOH media. It is the best way to tell your brand story in an uncluttered environment. Additionally, with its reach expanding in leaps and bounds, a world of good is being done to your brand’s area of exposure.  

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Why Is it Imperative to Have Brand Presence in DMRC?

The DMRC or Delhi Metro Advertising is no longer just a leading branding platform. It has become an essential place in Delhi to ensure brand presence. With the daily ridership of more than 30 lakhs commuters per day, a non-presence would be an unimaginable loss to your branding opportunities in Delhi. 
Delhi Metro Advertising
DMRC Advertising
The splendid planning of DMRC has ensured that it covers every important place in Delhi and NCR. There is no other medium which can map, all of your target groups in Delhi, as conveniently as DMRC. If you are still living with the perception that the DMRC medium is a non-performing medium (like in the beginning days), you need to look at the large number of brands which are completely satisfied with the performances, and are continuously coming back for more.

Delhi Metro Advertising combines the impact of high end uncluttered media and the reach of localized advertising. Provide your brand with some of the best maintained transit stations so that they have the most appropriate opportunities for sending out the intended message. An average dwell time of 10-15 minutes provides a good deal of time for impact. This is in fact a luxury in the sector of Outdoor Advertising.

Choose Delhi Metro Advertising to give your brand unsurpassed levels of brand penetration at even the interior places of Delhi & NCR. Delhi Metro Advertising has the ability to boost your brand recall rates to the top of the levels. You can call TDI International India (P) Limited, the largest DMRC Advertising Agency with exclusive advertising rights at 73 metro stations, and avail the benefits of the most popular branding medium in Delhi.